Some of us want a life of stability, some of us don’t. Some of us are crazy about luxurious things, some of us think it’s a waste. There is a type of human whose happiness is finding their right person, the other type’s happiness is just finding their way. There is also a type of human who don’t know what makes them passionate. Sometimes I am kind of that person, I don’t really know what to do in life, I clearly know which life I will never choose at the age of 22.

A 9-5 job

In my country, when somebody is 22, usually when they finish university, they have options to do next. Option #1, they look for a job which is stable or jobs which gain them experiences. Option #2, they continue to study by joining higher education. Option #3, they build a family. Option #n, they do whatever they dream. It happens with my university that students already work before graduating. Why did they? Maybe students want to gain experiences and those are helpful for their own future career. Maybe that makes them feel differently while studying. Maybe they prefer working to studying. Maybe there are more reasonable reasons that I don’t (want to) know. I just can’t do that. It’s impossible that I sit 8 hours sticking my eyes with computer in a 4-wall environment. I tried once and I stopped in 3 weeks. I find it difficult for me to get on well with people working in that kind of environment, we are different from dressing to mindset. Of course I’m not the one who gets bored with computer, I’m into technology too. I just can’t stand doing what I wouldn’t like to, I feel like a jerk. Thus, I don’t choose monthly paycheck over my [whatever].

Marriage and kids

Some people get married  because they are too old to live alone. Some people get married because they find the right “one”. Some people get married because family makes them happy. Some people don’t get married because they can live by their own. Some people don’t get married because they haven’t found the one. Some people don’t get married because they are busy with other things which are called priority.  When I’m 22, marriage is kind of strange definition to me. I’m not a 100 percent responsible person at the age. So, I won’t get married if I can’t love my partner by my heart, I won’t have kids if I can’t educate them well. I’m too young to have serious commitment. I’m too young to die with my [whatever].

Investment in house

My cousin just bought a house after 1 year graduating, people are jealous of him and make him their idol. It’s his dream to earn a lot of money, it’s his fans’ dream to be the owner of a house. Totally not mine. I want to have a home rather than a house, and I like the idea that my home is everywhere. My youth should be about seeing beautiful things, not breaking my back because of a house. I adore this idea that somebody said “He chose engineer major because he had loved it since he was a child, but now he is working as a financial investor because it makes him earn well so that he can buy more than 1 house. Do you know what I think who he is? A coward”.  Money, even a lot of it doesn’t make me happy as my [whatever].

Shopping mall

Robin Scherbatsky doesn’t want to go to the mall because she has a bad memory with it. I don’t want to go the mall because of it convenience. I’m not kind of girl who is full of shopping bags stepping from shopping mall, and I don’t want to be that girl any day of my life. I have never hung out with my friends in a mall, I have done it in coffee shop or along a river bank. Some girls are crazy about shopping, they and I surely don’t have any mutual topics to talk with each other. Of course people can do whatever makes them feel good. Going shopping was never, will never be making me feel that way like my [whatever].

Dress or skirt

I have never worn a dress or skirt since primary school. In primary school, I wore because it was compulsory, it was my uniform. I felt very bad. I don’t have to be girly to be a good girl. I like to run, I like to play sports, I like to sit any ways I want and I can’t do those with a skirt. It stops me anytime. So, dress, skirt, something like that will never be in my [whatever] life.

I’m too busy living my life to care about everyone’s. 

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