The pattern of life—is written in the rose buds. Fix your eyes upon it, imagine tracing each row of petals with a finger, follow the motioning of its spiraling grace as if gliding inside its world. This is a work of sacred geometry, they say, because these similar remarkable designs occur throughout nature—a phenomenon called the logarithmic spiral. It is an embodiment of The Golden Ratio (1.618) that forms all creation. The spiraling follows the Fibonacci sequence. If you're confused by these mathematical geometric terms, look them up and prepare to be dazed, with fascination. You and I aren't the only ones, this divine formula was first discovered out of aesthetic intentions; to find that perfect angle most pleasing to the eye, then once this 'gold' was dug it became an insight to not just artists and architectures, but scientists and mathematicians throughout time.

In visual terms, it is a repetition in an expanding form, hence it gradually creates a spiral-like design with no ending point. It made me think of the extraterrestrial orbits going on as the universe expands; The Milky Way, the Sun, the Planets, the Satellites--we're literally living inside a pinwheel, a constant expanding circulation with no pauses, no reverses, no ups, no downs.

Beneath the chaos of nature and the clutter of our lives a specific Divine Formula keeps us centered and in harmony with the motioning of the Universe, like the gravity beneath our feet keeping us in place as we extend on and about. And I can see it weaving through the philosophy of life: How we'll encounter similar situations (not by form but by essence) over and over through a greater and greater degree, like the experiences of learning, of creating, of loss, of pain, of gain. This is both a law and guarantee of growth: As challenges in our lives increases, so will our strength to carry its weight, so will our wisdom to endure and so will our spirit to keep going, traveling on through the infinite Fibonacci sequence.

This promise of growth, I'll happily find them smiling in every flower I'll stumble upon, and in everything that motions, spins—and grows.


Published by Sonia Azalia