Be as a child. Sit in admiration of the craft of which you so happily or verily chose.
Suppose for a moment such an idea never existed in your mind. Let us suppose you chose to remain unaware of the life which you wanted to live. How droll , how dull. Day in and day out , a life chosen for you to live; handed to you. Would you bother to be in discovery or would you sit there and wait until something was handed to you because you deserve it. 

Press on and go forth into the wind and sands of time! Sit not while time passes thee or you shall regret 1000 deaths of the same cause. Only the dead may observe as time passes by, they are not bound by time or space. We are not so much bound to time as we are afraid of it. Afraid to waste it, in fear that their time cannot be gained back for the capture of NO THING. I suppose that is a valid fear. Time being wasted by SOMEONE or something, SCARY.

Be as a student! See things not so much as things but give it the title, experience. Be as a student learning from the people you meet or the experiences you encounter.Life is so much bigger than we sometimes believe it to be. Would you care to find out with me?

Published by William Walker jr