In the 21st century the world evolves around our career paths. Women have become career driven and the rise of the feminist movement was strengthened by these debate topics: "Glass Ceiling"/ "Equal Salaries", etc. For the men the career they pursue has become the key identification of their manhood. Obviously, we all start at the bottom of the ladder and we climb up slowly in hope to reach the unreachable. Ambition to succeed often sparks competition within peers. There's nothing wrong with healthy competition and in fact in many cases, it does strike a certain level of creativity and teamwork within the companies. The issue is when the competition turns into a blood battle, where everyone is ready to run over anyone who stands on their way to success.

Everyone becomes preoccupied with their own success, so much so that sometimes the company or  other colleagues pay the consequences of such conflicts. Our career today determines who we are. A lot of women today pick career over family, something I personally would never understand, to be honest.

Having a family and children is not a burden for your career but an enrichment of your life. One day, I want to be able to play with my kids, take my daughters shopping and giving advice to my sons about their girlfriends without thinking that I am getting too old for this conversations. I would like to see their high school graduation if it means spending more time at home and less time at work. 

The priorities are different for each one of us...and unfortunately often the fancy promotion gets in conflict with our families and friends. We often forget and prioritise jobs over people. Within families this is often the conflict point: kids that don't spend enough time with parents because parents are away at work, couples that see each other only for 1 hour a day, etc. Simply put career comes before relationships of any kind friends, family and romantic involvements. 

The argument often is that jobs are tough to find so when you find a good a job you hold on to it at all costs. Whilst this may be true, the life is not put on hold either. Finding your persona happiness is not a piece of cake either, besides  happiness is not only in jobs or in love or in family. Happiness only comes when all of these put together become a whole and can be share with the loved ones.

Today, I have experienced enough to put life before career. There are moments in life that are much more precious and valuable than any milestone in career. Perhaps this is just my take on things but simply put there is more to life than an office and there are more adventures outside of our comfort zones.


Published by Karina Saakyan