Think about the journey of life for a moment. Right from opening our eyes to this amazing world to reaching a point, where we believe to have seen it all, life is all about stages. As we ascend from one step to the other, we are invited to an entirely new world with diverse experiences. Each stage has its own set of responsibilities, duties, rules and regulations. While childhood is meant for learning and observation, adulthood is destined for execution and work, while teen years are meant for planning and framing decisions, old age is designed for retrospection and peace. This makes our life colorful with new adventures at every station.

      The journey casts its valuable spell, while we appreciate the previous stop and look forward to the next one. It is extremely essential to be in sync with the current stage. As each stage has its own laws, we cannot afford to mix and ruin it all. Enjoying the present, while being ‘live’ at that particular moment is the key to draw happiness. Unless we get along with our stages in life, we cannot expect to make memories for remembrance. Though one phase of life may seem more exciting and welcoming, we cannot overextend our stay. Each phase has its set time frame that makes it essential to be in that moment at that particular duration.

      As we move along the journey, we realize that every stage has its own charm. Life is all about embracing these changes at different levels and appreciating the birth of a human. In order to share colorful stories in your old age, it is important to collect them along the way. Only after we have lived every stage to its fullest; we can expect happiness, peace and satisfaction.

    Though our life is marked by conventional steps along the ladder based on age alone, there are several other phases on the way. Phases that turn our life exciting, phases that are usual encounters, each of these diverse experiences make us a complete individual. The aim of this article is to look at those unconventional phases that are not defined, yet mean a lot to each one of us. These phases enter and exit our lives at irregular intervals. As nothing in life can be permanent, these phases too choose the same path of uncertainty.


1.The happy, smiling phase – Days filled with excitement, moments full of surprises, months of happy news and phase where you are totally contented with life, this happy phase makes you fall in love with everything. Born out of diverse reasons, the joyful tenure is all about happiness. Though the root cause of the phase may vary - ranging from your own achievements to victory of your loved ones, its sole aim is to spread smiles and cheer all around.


2.The disappointed, defeated phase – Though we may work hard in life and move as per our plan, some aspects fail to materialize - leading to defeat, disappointment, sorrow and failure. This sad phase is about facing our defeat, yet failing to find a solution. No matter what variations or efforts we implement, the disappointed phase is destined to spread sadness. A rigid phase that refuses to budge, even encouraging words from our loved ones fail to make any sense.


3.The ‘All is Well’ phase – This is a motivational phase that enters our life quite often. Though the going may seem tough with no assured rays of hope, this duration fills our life with a fuel to move ahead. It inspires us to continue our efforts with strong belief in ourselves. Such is the influence of this phase that it forces us to radiate hope all around. As we turn into motivational speakers for people around us, it translates into hope for something bigger and better.


4.The reverse effect, unexpected phase- As the name suggests, everything about this phase turns into the opposite. Moments when we believe things to progress in a particular manner, only to be greeted by the opposite effect. Expected happy moments turn into unexpected sadness or expected dull moments turn into unexpected interesting ones.


5.The busy-bee phase –One cannot explain why, but this phase is filled with such busy events that leave no time for halts. A phase with loads of work at every front, this time is all about running around for the same. While our own work may seem too enormous to handle, suddenly family, friends and hidden people in the contact list may need us too! Managing this huge load against the striking hands of the clock demand great efforts, patience, determination and energy.


6.The blank, confused, bored phase – Nothing seems to work, yet nothing appears to halt. This bored and blank time is just part of routine with the usual story. Without any drama or excitement, this duration prompts us to stare at a blank canvas of boring life.


7.The ‘gone in a blink’ phase- Usually the happy phase coincidences with this one, as happy moments go away quickly. Before one extracts maximum joy from being carefree and excited, the phase chooses to leave. Think about trips, family functions, parties and vacation –all these activities belong to the ‘gone in a blink’ phase. 


 With these contents, I conclude my list of unusual phases. Do suggest more additions to it, depending on your experiences over this roller coast ride called ‘LIFE’. Enjoy every phase while it lasts, after all time and tide waits for no one! 

Published by Lavanya