1 Peter 2 Life is like a chess game and we must learn what to do when living in on the chess board of life's unjust actions and attitudes---whether it is words that slander our testimony or real life persecution.

In real life, we are immigrants because our citizenship is in heaven not here on the earth. [Phil 3:20] Therefore, we must have a heavenly mindset while living in the here and now. We must set our minds on things above not things here on the earth. It is not "if" but “when” we face those fleshly desires Satan has in his arsenal, that we must be prepared and you must be prepared ahead of time. We are in a battle and it is not for our physical life, which will die and decay, but our spiritual soul which is immortal.

I urge you “friends” to put your mind in gear and choose your next move which will be beneficial to others. No matter your position on the chess board, you are the "God--changed life" that people see—and yes hear. Choose to honor all people but “agape” love the brethren—and as Jesus said, “”agape” love your enemies.” Fear God because it is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God. [Heb 10] And lastly, honor or respect those in authority over us because God has allowed them to govern. [Read Rom 13]

Pick your battles but prepare for them. 

Think ahead; [Eccl 5; Prov 13]

Put on your armor [Eph 6];

Hide God’s Word in your heart  [Ps 119]

God is going to use you to silence those who are the unbelieving around you. It is by your good lifestyle and deeds we reveal and prove our faith.

Published by Gaye Austin