There’s something about a sunrise. The beauty of light breaking through complete darkness. The slowness of stars disappearing but knowing they are still there shining bright waiting for their moment to shine again. The darkness lasts longer in the winter and sometimes it feels as the cold and darkness will never end but as life is like the changing seasons, we know that preparing to plant a new beginning in the spring will get us through even the longest darkest days and nights. Looking for a bright and shinny summer so that we may have a plentiful fall harvest. All of this knowing we are headed back to a long dark winter in the process.

When we stop believing winter will come, we begin to take our springs and summers for granted. We plant less, water less and lose sight of the harvest to come. Hail storms in the summer or an early frost in the fall can disrupt us with no warning. It is then we must replant and rebuild for the future. Only after our darkest times and biggest setbacks can we begin to appreciate what we have now and look forward to what we can make better for the future.

Like the sunrise I will rise again and shine brighter than before. I will not resist setting earlier in the winter, but look forward to the long summer days to come. When I rise again, I will reflect off the clouds creating the most beautiful colors. I will shine through the rain causing the most colorful rainbows ever seen. As I set in the west, I will know I have shined all day and set in peace knowing I have given the day everything I had to give. I know I will rise again with more heat and intensity than ever before. As the sun will always give more energy than it takes, I will remember to do the same. Gary Stotler

Published by Gary Stotler