Have you seen Captain Fantastic? Have you even heard of it? Because I hadn't before a couple of days ago when I saw it in my local library.

FYI: You can check out new movie releases for FREE at your local library usually for 7 days!

I didn't know anything about it, but the cover looked interesting. What's not intriguing about a man with 6 kids, right? I wasn't expecting much. There have been a couple of new movies R.J. and I didn't even finish watching, that's how much of a waste of time watching them would have been. They were 'blockbusters' too.

Yes, I am shaking my head right now. I don't know who decides what's popular and what isn't but they should have their movie goer card revoked. Millions, or dare I say billions, of dollars is spent each year to make movies with a lot of flash but little or no substance. Don't get me wrong, I like a good action flick just as much as the next person, but just because there's a lot of action doesn't mean the writers should skimp on meaningful dialogue or a story that is entertaining and thought-provoking.

Maybe that's it. Maybe the average movie goer doesn't want to have to think. It would hurt too much to have to form an opinion based upon real facts and not just some made up horse shit. Or be uncomfortable.

Because I guarantee Captain Fantastic will make you uncomfortable, maybe not for the same reasons I was mentally squirming - it brought up a lot about how I was different growing up because of my parents' choices - but you will be squirming. Because the writer did something almost unheard of these days in the movie and T.V. industry.

He didn't follow a formula. There was no nice little bow on the end of the movie. It was just one guy doing the best that he could with what he had and making decisions based on what he thought was right for his family. You may or may not agree with his choices, but that's your right as it is mine.

We don't have to live someone else's life so as much as we would like to tell other people how they should live, we have no right to do so. We all do things that make other people scratch their heads. So we really have no right to judge or ridicule other people for their life choices as long as they are not a danger to themselves or their children.

I usually don't like movies like this one that depicts real life. I watch movies and T.V. because I know that at the end there will be closure whether there's a happy ending or a sad one. It's convenient that everything gets resolved in an hour or two - and totally unrealistic. Movies like Captain Fantastic usually have some sort of message and along with that message the writer usually tells you how to think and feel about said message.

I figured out that's why I usually don't like movies like this one. I don't need someone who has never had to live my life or make the decisions I've had to make tell me how I should think and/or feel about a certain topic. I am an educated adult who wants to make up her own mind. Sure I can be persuaded, but don't beat me to death with your point of view. It's totally okay for me not to agree with you and vice versa.

Maybe if we had a little less judgment and a lot more impassioned plea it would be easier to stomach some of these messages. Maybe we could all find some middle ground where we might not agree 100%, but we can respect each other for the simple fact that we're all human and life is messy no matter who you are.

Who's with me?

Published by Cathy Langer