Perfection, a term necessary for progress in this new world, a term that has to be attained if one wants to be successful. If a person wants to be perfect, then she has to be very meticulous about what she thinks or does. Any lacuna will hamper the person from attaining the state of perfection. We heard from our childhood that we should be careful and perfect in whatever we do. No one has yet told me that life is meant to raise happiness from even a situation of a little importance. But I always think that what I have heard till now about attaining the perfection may not matter in everybody’s life, it may be debatable.

Even the ones talking about perfection are of dubious authenticity. They advise us to be perfect in our respective lives but they take too much freedom in their views of perfection. They twist the definition of perfection in each and every manner possible that benefit their respective points of view and strengthen them, others’ definitions are all wrong for them. And this system has been for long in existence as so called successful people have supported the system.

The perfectionists first tell us to be very careful and perfect in whatever we do. And when they realize that what they just uttered is of no relevance in this world, considering the practical approach, they turn themselves in the opposite direction. They tell us, now, that we should judge the situation first and then if it demands some lacuna then let it be fulfilled (only because they will be benefitted from finding these kinds of loopholes and there are plenty of them present to be exploited whenever required). Thus, the matter goes on until there is no any further room for finding loopholes of lacuna.

Why should we do that? After all life is not meant to be perfect AT ALL! It needs to be lived with full satisfaction, no matter how much you earn or where you live or at whichever post you ascend. But yes, if it demands SOME perfection at any point of time to be satisfactory or to be happy, then it must be entertained. There is a difference, though it may not seem present in the first glance, in what I said and what I criticized. What I criticized takes into account finding imperfection out of ‘pretended perfection’ but what I suggest is to create perfection out of imperfection. And I think the latter one seems somewhat more creditable. There is always a great thing about creating something out of chaos rather than creating chaos out of some great thing, that too, just to benefit a single self.

So enjoy your life. Do not worry perfection every time. Consider it only when it is necessary. Because whatever the bliss is in some eccentricity, is not there in utter perfection. After all we will be more happy to grow the sparse roses rather than destroying some of them which are densely planted in our backyard.

Published by NIKUNJ GAJERA