I wrote an article on my blog this week that was titled "life is not as short as we think." To date I have had over 90 hits on that one article which is the most I have ever had in the last year and a half that I have been blogging. The basis for the blog waa to counter everyone's beliefs that life is too short and you only live once. No one is into any religion, not even myself for that matter, but we can't deny the eternal wisdom that you can find when you study other religions. Anyway, since I wrote one article on this topic you will have to read it for yourself. I can run it up with the main idea of my blog post being that life is not as short as we think because there is more to this life than the hear and now. You just have to seek an intimate relationship with the Divine and relinquish any fears that you have about death. In place of fear you receive a love that casts our all fear. This is the link to the article: https://dailyevotionals.wordpress.com/2018/10/08/life-is-not-as-short-as-you-think/ God bless and peace from E Bishop Wooten

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