I'm sitting amongst little, tidy  big, messy "piles" of my belongings in my room as I eat Malteasers and type up this blog post. I wish I could say I'd moved house, or moved into a flat or something along those exciting lines but no. I've done the real adult thing, and bought new bedroom furniture. And yes, I bloody loved it. I've been living with everything strewn all over my floor for over 6 weeks (it's driven me batshit crazy) because I hastily got rid of my bedsides as I was replacing them and then it took nearly 3 months for my new ones to arrive. Sidenote: Who knew the process of buying furniture took so long? Not. Me. 

Since finishing university I figured I was well over having a desk in my room, that I basically just used to dump stuff on I didn't know what else to do with and all my clothes I couldn't be bothered to put away. I had a growing wardrobe and very little use for desk, I decided I was on the hunt for a new chest of drawers. I wanted a country/cottage-y vibe, white washed was a must and not ultra modern. I wanted this furniture to be something I would take with me when I (finally) leave home. This was a number one, bad move. I'd narrowed my selection before I'd even gone out looking at furniture, developed a style in my head (that seemingly didn't exist) and hadn't actually thought about how hard it was going to be to achieve what I wanted. I have learnt so much about furniture, the quality, the price, and ultimately that there is hundreds of different shades of 'white'. Initially I'd bought a set from one store, only to discover that the "white" they had described looked positively GREEN against my pure white walls. 

Nobody tells you this stuff. Nobody tells you that, really, you can't buy just a set of drawers when you already have two different types of furniture in the one room already. You need to buy something that it will match with to pull the room together. Nobody tells you, (in this case) that size really does matter. I never considered the size much - did you know they actually make bedsides lower and higher than the bed itself? Why can't it be level so my OCD does't false up?! I spent weekend upon weekend in furniture shops with a measuring tape and a colour chart. I spent hours online, looking at designs and manufacturers. It was fun in the beginning and a relief when I finally ordered the best I could find. Never ever pay for furniture in full until you need to collect either. The first failure furniture I bought, I blindly paid for it in full before they had even ordered it in. Needless to say it was a fight to get my money back. Always pay a deposit first, and balance on collection. Nobody tells you that either. 

I realised this was something I used to watch my parents do as a child. I remember going to furniture stores with them and complaining about how unbearably bored I was. I realised this was being an adult. Getting rid of the old, and in with the new. It has also forced me to go through my stuff and chuck out or donate to charity things that I don't wear, I don't need, I haven't used and asked myself continually "kept THAT for why again?". It's all part of getting my sh*t together. I think they call it "growing up". Even though I'm still at home (due to financial circumstances mostly) I have been able to create my own "grown up" space. I've allowed myself to play around with interior design and make it what I want it to be. It's also kind of like I've cleansed my life of past things that I no longer want to remember. I changed photos around and framed new ones. I've looked at lamps and lamp shades and wall art and vases with fake flowers and my favourite: fairy lights. I've made it reflect more me than my parents. It's taken a lot of time, even more money but its taught me life stuff I wouldn't otherwise know. It's been fun. 

Now imagine what I'll be like when I have a WHOLE house to set up. What a dream. 

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Published by Chloe Masters