Cliffhangers. Who doesn't like cliffhangers. When you're off the edge off a cliff, barely clinging the the rocky outcrop with the tip of your fingers, feeling the refreshing cool air flow past you as your feet dangle freely from about a thousand feet up in the air. 
Wait, sorry, silly me, talking about the wrong kind of cliffhangers. I meant the book and reading kind of cliffhanger. Cliffhangers, everybody has a different opinion about them. Some people love cliffhangers in storylines as it makes the cliffhangers interesting and creates a sense of anticipation. Others, choose to abhor cliffhangers, being impatient or maybe just finding it a waste for a story to end that way. Me? I'm a mixture of both. Storylines keep me on the edge, making me crave for more  Yet, sometimes the storyline is too good and for it to end, would mentally and internally kill me, especially if there's no new novel or any continuing series. Sometimes I feel like such a patient person who can take time to wait for the next book, sometimes I feel like the most impatient person on earth who would kill ten babies if that means the book would arrive sooner. But that's just the life of a bookworm. 

Published by Vitae Ihlathi