Have you ever wondered what life can be if you spend more time offline? As a frequent traveller, I often end up having no roaming or little wireless internet connection and hence actually enjoy the cities beyond the screen of my phone. It also turns out that once the phones are off, people actually communicate with each other and the power of personal communication is overly underrated today. Although if the art of the text messaging is mastered, one can express and "speak" their mind relatively clearly, nothing is as valuable as the face to face exchange with the person.

Here is my short list of what we miss out on when we text instead of speaking:

Relationship: even a phone call brings two people closer to each other than a text. Face to face communication creates a bond between two people that cannot be re-created via a text or an email.

Emotions: When speaking to someone you can hear the reaction in their voice and see the feelings through their gestures, which gives you a better idea of what the other person is feeling and how the person is reacting. Text message is well just text, isn't it?

Eye contact: As a firm believer that the truth lies in the eyes, this is definitely something that is missing from text messaging!!

Moreover, social media has dominated our lives and has brought the fake belief that through social network we are closer to our friends. To stay closer to our friends worldwide, we have to always be connected to the wifi to check on the latest Facebook comment and latest like on Instagram.. However, social media is not the only reason why we have to always stay connected. Today, work takes up almost 90% of our life, simply because we make ourselves available to our customers, colleagues and other work related contacts. We receive our emails on our phone and have to stay connected to make sure that there is no major thing happening at work. Honestly, my heart is conflicted - I don't know what is worse social media or work - both are a consequence of our own choice. 

It is important to live offline for a while. Enjoy the beauty of life as it is, authentic and not artificially created world online. Being able to speak to people and look around instead of looking down at the screen, is actually a very nice feeling - almost like breaking free from the invisible constant connection.

Published by Karina Saakyan