Hebr 11:1 "Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. "

God does not expect much of us since He knows we are unable to do much but sin. Everything we do, even good religious duties is considered sin in the eyes of God. But there is one thing He expects of us, and that is faith.

Our righteousness with God does not come to us on account of what we do or do not do. We are not righteous because we prayed the sinners prayer, we are righteous because we choose to believe Jesus died for our sins. And through that faith we have access to everything we need and desire.  In fact the Bible says that faith is the key to everything in our life, so we do not need anything else. (2.Chor 12:9)

This is so important for us to understand the consequences of. You are not righteous because you came forth during an altar call under a service or because you raised your hand. You are not righteous because you prayed the sinners prayer. Your righteousness comes because of your faith. So you can become righteous sitting in the pew at church choosing to believe that Jesus died for your sins, and you can become righteous at home where nobody sees you. You can become righteous when you have lost the ability to speak or if you are in a coma but you can still hear, understand and choose to accept the fact that Jesus died for your sins. So it is never a question about saying a prayer or coming forth to the altar, its a question about faith and having the correct faith.

But the consequences are even far reaching than just salvation. God looks to your faith, never to your actions. So it is impossible to do something to impress God. You can never give your way out of debt, you can never pay for another persons salvation or for your healing. But still we have preachers today who tell you its possible to pay for your salvation and healing. The interesting fact is that most of those preachers are quick to judge the catholic church. But then they turn right around and do the same thing, they just label it pentecostal, baptist or another denomination.

What about tithing? Ask yourself, what is your motivation for tithing. A good question is this, how do you feel if you do not tithe? If your first reaction is fear, fear that you are missing out on something because you are not tithing, then you know you are tithing out of the wrong motive. If you feel fear when you do not tithe, then you are not tithing out of love but out of obligation and a misunderstood gospel. Your fear is grounded in a belief that says if I do not tithe I will sin. But you do not sin if you do not tithe, you sin if your faith is wrong.

But if your faith is right, you suddenly see tithing in a whole different light. Then you will choose to tithe out of love, not because you have to. Then you will choose to tithe not to get anything from God, but you tithe because you see the importance of supporting the work of the Gospel. And sometimes, you will not be able to tithe. And that will be ok, you will be at peace in the months when you cant tithe because your relationship with God is not based on your tithing. Its based on your faith. So you will know your relationship to God is ok even if you do not tithe that month.

But sometimes, your correct relationship to God will make you take risks. Leaps of faith and you will do it out of love.

About two weeks ago everything came to a grinding stop in the ministry. We ran out of money and we could not continue to pay our web provider and advertising costs. So for about two weeks, we could not advertise the ministry anywhere, and we where looking at the possibility of having the homepage and everything closed down.

As a little side note for those who are new to the ministry. Facebook does not allow me to advertise the gospel using Facebooks ads. I have tried and been denied. If I was not to use Facebooks ads I would have to rely on word of mouth to get the gospel out there. And I have tried that and I did not reach that many people. But if I advertise this ministry, and what this ministry offers, I am allowed to do so using Facebook ads. And when people visit this ministry online, I am able to reach them with the gospel.

This costs about 123 USD pr.month and I am paying this out of my own pocket. I have a ministry account at PayPal but its empty, so I am supporting my own ministry and I am doing it with great pleasure. But about two weeks ago, I had to make the choice between using my personal money on my family and our needs or this ministry. I did not have enough for both.

Of course I chose my family, not choosing my family in such a case would be a great sin. But then everything came to a stop. I could not continue to pay the advertising costs and the entire ministry could have been shut down. Because my relationship with God is based on faith and not works I felt peace doing this. I did not feel condemned or fearful. But I did not know what would happen to the ministry.

It was easy to be worried, but instead I chose to focus my faith on the cross and the blood. I was at peace all the time, I did not know what would happen, and I continued with the ministry as usual. What happened was that I reached people anyway, not as much as I would have liked, and most of them was not first time visitors to the ministry. So I was able to minister to old time visitors and a few new time visitors.

Some days ago I got my monthly paycheck at work, and then suddenly I had enough money to begin advertising again. At first it was scary to use the money for advertising. It was tempting to keep the money for my own family. But I had to admit we did not need all of that money, our expenses was covered and we did have money to spare. And the money we had to spare was just enough to pay the ministry expenses for another month. But it felt tempting not to use it on the ministry and keep it as a financial buffer.

Because my relationship with the Lord is based on faith and not works, I never felt condemned or fearful. I never felt like I had to use this money on the ministry to keep my relationship with God. And I was torn between the responsibility to my family and my responsibility as an apostle to the ministry.

The Lord dealt with my heart when this happened and He comforted me. He kept reminding me that we dont need the extra money, we did have money to spare. And I had to agree with Him, we did have money to spare. And then He reminded me how He never owes any man anything. So if I gave that money to my own ministry I was in fact giving it to Him, and then I know would get it back.

So in a way, the Lord worked on my heart and He gave me the confidence and trust I needed to trust Him that my family would continue to have their needs met even if I used this money on the ministry. So He told me He would take care of myself and my family and I would not regret giving that money to Him.

I never felt like He would have judged me if I had not given it to Him. But because my relationship with the Lord is based on faith and not works, it was easy for me to make the choice. I wanted the ministry to have that money because my passion is for people to hear the gospel and be introduced to the message of the cross. And as long as the Lord has promised me to meet all of our needs, I felt safe giving that money to Him.

So I did just that, and I was able to pay for another month of advertising the ministry.

So sometimes, your relationship with the Lord will make you take risks and leaps of faith. But it will always be done out of love, because you love Him and He loves you.

When your relationship with God is built on your faith in the cross and the blood of Christ, then you will still tithe and sow into the Kingdom of God. But you will be doing it because YOU want to, and when you cant do it, everything will still be ok. You will still be a child of God even if you sometimes do not have the money to tithe and sow.

I remember when I was saved, I often heard preachers telling me the importance of sharing my faith. And sometimes, they actually told me that if I was truly saved, I had to share my faith. If I did not want to share my faith, something was wrong.

Back then I was just saved, and I did not know how to share my faith. The idea scared me, I did not know how to walk up to a person and tell them they needed Jesus. And my biggest fear back then was for person to get angry at me. So I ended up with a fear in me that went something like this, perhaps I am not saved because I do not share my faith enough?

Of course we are to share our faith, its important to tell others about their need for Jesus. But.....if you never shared your faith but your personal faith was focused on Jesus and Him crucified, you would still be saved.

If your relationship to God is based on your faith, you will naturally feel the passion to share your faith. You would want others to share in what you have, and you know where they would end up if they dot get to share in your faith. But if you never shared your faith, your relationship with God would still be ok.

I remember others who told me that if I messed up, if I sinned, I was not saved. If I struggled with sin, wanted to be free but never achieved freedom, I was told I was no longer saved.

Of course we are to have victory over sin, but God never expects perfection from us. He knows we cant overcome sin by our own strength, so He knows we have to believe in the cross to have victory over sin.

If your relationship to God is based on your faith, you will still sin and sometimes you will fall flat on your face and sin big time. But as long as your faith is maintained in the cross, and nothing but the cross, your relationship with God will still be ok. You will still be a child of God.

Everything changes when you understand the cross of Christ and how the cross is the only way to victory over the flesh, the world and the devil.

So if you need something today from the Lord, pray for the blood and maintain your faith in the cross. He will never deny you the blood, and the blood is enough. (2.Chor 12:9)

Published by Apostle Ernie apostleernie@outlook.com