Life can be unpredictable sometimes. Things happens to us without a warning, things that threatens to shake us to the very core of our being. For some it is a loss of a job and a steady income. For others this will be the day when the doctor tells you you have just a few months left to live. And for some of you this will be the day when a loved one dies.

Sometimes life sucks, and its ok to admit that life sucks even if you are a christian. Being a christian is not a guarantee for success and a life without hardship. Its not a guarantee for always having favour and success. And some of us will in the end have to pay the ultimate price for our faith, for today there are those reading this who are living in nations of the world where it is extremly dangerous being a christian.

If this is so, why then should anybody want to become a christian? There seems to be no difference between a non christian and a christian?

I know there are those preachers out there who are promising a bed of roses for those who accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. But that is a lie. The truth is this, evil does not take into consideration what you believe in. Disease, sickness, financial trials, confusion, discouragement affects us all. And sometimes, we christians have to pay with our lives for our faith.

So why then would anybody want to become a christian?


Because this is not about your happiness, this is not about your dreams coming true, this is not about living your greatest potential and being the best you can become. This is about guilt, your guilt towards God.

Because you have chosen by your own free will to lie, to hate, to steal or break one or more of Gods 10 commandments, you are guilty. God has already judged everybody who breaks His law as guilty sinners who will one day end up in hell.

Right now it does not feel like you are living under Gods wrath and judgement. But one day God will call you in for sentencing, that day He will take your life back and send you to hell to be punished for every crime you have comitted against Him. (Eph 2:3-5)

So becoming a christian is about guilt and a desire to be reconciled to God by believing Jesus Christ died for your sins.


Does God not care about my problems? I know I need to be reconciled to God, but right now I need healing, I need money to feed my family. I need to know how to fix this problem?

God does care about your problems and every challenge you are facing. He knows what the doctor has told you, He sees your fear and He knows you need money. He sees your needs and He is going to do something about it. He just have to make sure first your soul is reconciled to God. (3. John 1:2)

There is a huge difference between needing reconciliation to God and needing healing. The first one has to do with your eternity, if you are going to be judged by God and end up in hell . The second one has to with your short life on this earth. To God it is way more important to make sure you are reconciled to Him then it is to answer your prayers for healing or material needs. But if He can know your soul is well, He is free to take care of your material needs.

When Jesus died for your sins He did not just die to reconcile you to God. He died first and foremost to reconcile you to God, but also to provide for your every need while you are living on this earth. (Isaiah 53:3-5)


If you believe Jesus died for your sins you are reconciled to God.  When you pray believing Jesus died for your sins you are praying rigtheous prayers. It does not matter if its just “Help!” or long prayers. What matters is where your faith is, and as long as it is in Jesus dying for your sins it is a righteous prayer.

Prayers of the righteous brings great results says the Bible. (James 5:16) When you pray believing Jesus died for your sins He is free to answer your prayers for your material needs. And He wants to answer your prayers for your material needs.

When you pray righteous prayers Jesus turns to the Father and says “Father, I have already payed with My blood for this. I payed with My blood for his healing. My blood payed for a new car, my blood payed for wisdom and a new job. My blood payed for reconciliation and every need met in the life of My brothers and sisters. (John 3:16)”

So you are not praying for God to do something, for everything has already been done when Jesus died for you. You are praying for God to give you what belongs to Jesus, and you are one with Jesus because of your righteous faith.

That is why there is no need for you to worry about the future. (Matth 6:25-34). If your faith is in Jesus dying for you it has made you righteous and reconciled to God. If you are reconciled to God Jesus already knows what you need, before you know what you need.

How is that possible?


If your faith is righteous, Jesus is reminded of you and your needs every time He looks at His nail scarred hands.

Have you noticed how your hands are always in view? It is very hard not to see your own hands. Everything you do in a normal life involves you using your hands in one way or the other. So you cant miss them, they are always in front of your eyes.


Jesus is right now in heaven seated at the right hand of our Father. Every second of the hour He looks at His nail scarred hands. And when He does He sees you and your needs. He sees your needs today for healing, provision, guidance, wisdom and protection. What ever it might be He is reminded of it when He sees His nail scarred hands.

Why then should we worry? He knows us, He knows who you are because He cant forget you.  His nail scarred hands are a love letter to you telling you how much He loves you and how He is aware of every need in your life.

So why then worry?

The only thing we have to do is believe, believe in Jesus Christ dying for us for our sins.


So when life sucks, when life gets you down and you feel depressed because sickness, disease and evil does not seperate between believers and non belivers remember this one thing.

The Son of God knows your name, He knows your needs, He knows who you are because every time He looks at His nail scarred hands He is reminded of your righteous faith in His love. There is nothing stopping Gods Son from meeting all your needs as long as your faith is rigtheous. (Rom 8:32)

That is why you should become a christian, because of His nail scarred hands. shutterstock_336511811-4

Published by Apostle Ernie