Some days I wake up and feel great. Today was one of those days. My mind was clear. My mind was on someone, and the thought that followed this person was is he a lesson? See everyone one and thing has a reason. We might not always realize it, therefore  we are forced to re-deal with the lesson until learned; which happens most of the time. But, as I grow stronger in my moments, and connections with my higher self; I find myself questioning everything, and the question is what is the lesson I am learning right now?  I know for this moment life is teaching me to sit back and take my time. To go with the flow. Life takes you where you need to go. So what I am realizing with this is I need to sit back and relax, I can’t force things, and if I really want it it will be. also to hold back my feelings. Attachment is such an easy thing for me because I don’t have many people in my life, so if I give my time to someone or something it really matters. So keeping my feelings in check is a big one. As stated in the blog My Favorite Power I am using my power of sexual projection to get what I want. I have manifested this person into existence and I do not want to mess it up this time .


In the end I tell you to question your situations, to step back and see the bigger picture. What am I to learn, how with this change me, what is it that needs to change?

Life is a game, and if you don’t learn how to play it you will sit on repeat till you do

Published by Lo Cal IG Lo_Cal_710