Everything which is either visible or invisible is made of “Energy”. We humans are living in an artificial computer like simulation in which our “mind” lets us know that whatever we touch, eat, smell, see is real. Dropping the mind could enable the vision that there is nothing called “the visible” where only energy and its countless number of permutation and combination rules.


The universe is nothing but an arrangement where the transformation of Quarks or techni-quarks (or may be any other tiniest element which makes the techni-quark), are continuously working towards the construction and simultaneously destruction through out the periphery so that the “equilibrium” could be maintained.

…and thankfully everything including  “us” is made of the Techni-Quarks.


Many thinkers in the history have described their views about life beautifully. If you ask a poor person, he will say life is a curse but a rich person calls it majestic. For some, it’s a bundle of sorrows and for some it’s a bouquet full of happiness. Different perceptions, different point of views and every perception is awesomely right.

To me, life is a surprise where you don’t know what’s coming next moment. Life is a hope, even if it kicks you down you get up the next moment with a hope that it’s going to be alright. Life is a struggle which motivates us towards achieving something better, but to be more accurate, life is a struggle of soul for freedom.

Soul, a part of God which is so powerful that it can do anything it wants, but soul in bondage? Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

There’s logic behind the “bondage”. I still remember the water cycle we used to study in primary classes. It explains the evaporation of water from major resources and coming back to earth as rain drops.

There is a journey which every drop of water travels. When it falls into the river, it becomes the river and at some other place, the same water droplet gives shape to the clay pot too, and when the purpose is done, it gets evaporated and moves on for another interesting journey.

Same thing happens with the soul, changing bodies, fulfills its very purpose with lots of learning, sufferings, happy moments, and back to the source.

Now, let’s come to a very interesting part of it. A soul can be said as the Electric power, an endless source which gives life to some set of systems and processes. It’s like a power supply which makes a machine run or makes a toy move.


We can’t really touch, catch or see the electric current neither we can store it for a longer time.

A shloka from Bhagwad Gita from chapter 2, verse 20 describes the properties of Soul -

Which means, the soul never takes birth and never dies at any time not does it come into being again when the body is created. The soul is birth less, eternal, imperishable, and timeless and is never destroyed when the body is destroyed.

Then a question arises, why this magical operator sits idle in the body, if it really wants itself to be free then why it remains in bondage, why it travels and changes bodies just like we change our cloths.


Let’s dig it deeper, the body can be called as a vehicle which is governed by two available operators, the brain and the soul. Since brain is our material processor unit like a CPU, its basic objective is to protect body. It always weighs every material aspect in terms of fear, failure, pains, gains, profits, pleasures, yes no, true and false.



Our brain is always busy in gathering information from body and its outer world.

Within the body there is a central nervous system which keeps on passing the information of every part of body. Our nerves are like fiber optic cables which carries the data or signals from every part of body.

The sending and receiving of signals is so fast that in case if any emergency happens, it takes fractions of second to update the control unit of brain that something is not right and need to be looked upon. The next moment all the necessary body parts are engaged in rectification of error. This whole process happens with speed of light.

The signals which we call “neurons” are messengers giving feedback to the brain every moment.

When you are bitten by a mosquito on your right leg, the does your left hand goes to the point? No. It’s your right hand which is nearest to the affected area. The neurons present in the nerves reaches to the brains control unit and delivers the information and thus your brain instructs your right hand to take the necessary action and then you try to kill the mosquito. Brain tells us how to safeguard the body and soul tells us which way to follow.

... Life is a wonderful game in which we are expected to use our soul to choose our unique path and mind to let us know how to walk on it. 

Balancing between mind and soul is the key.

Published by Nishant Dutt