One of the biggest challenges with being human is the unexpected things that happens. Some of them are small, and some of them are life changing whatever they may be big or small. But what we can never escape is this, being human exposes you to unexpected things in life which you cant anticipate before they happen.


In Matth 6:33 Jesus tells us not to worry, and the apostle Paul says we are to feel victorius in every challenge and every trial we face (2.Cor 4:8-14). It seems like Jesus and Paul was almost out of touch with our reality. How are we not to worry and feel victorius when we are hard pressed on every side?


When we read both Matth 6:33 and 2.Cor 4:8-14 it is easy to focus on what Jesus and Paul is promising us, and at the same time overlook what they are not promising us. They promise us peace, victory, joy and a worry free life. But they dont promise a bed of roses, instead they promise us all of these things despite our circumstances. So the Bible says we can have healing, provision and joy in the midst of our circumstances. (Psalm 23, 91).


Yesterday my real estate agent suddenly cancelled our contract and refused to sell our house. We where depending on selling the house to pay our debt. We have found a small but ok apartment to move to, and without warning, the deposit was returned to us due to an error made by the bank. Each day we have text messages, letters and e.mails from collection agencies asking when we will pay. We would have payed a long time ago, if we had the money. And we where kind of planning for the sale of the house to cover our debt. So you might say life is stressful right now and we are hard pressed on every side.


Of course, dont get me wrong dear reader. We are in this situation by our own making. We sinned, and that landed us with a mountain of debt. God has forgiven us, we have repented, but the consequences are still there. But when we are trying to rectify the situation, things happen that we didnt plan for. Unexpected things that have the potential to be life changing. We have to pay the deposit, we have to sell the house as quickly as possible to pay our debt. And the consequences of our sin is hindering me from using my real name since I have to work and have an income. And I know my employer would not accept me having my own ministry online.


I dont know about yourself dear reader, maybe you are in a similar situation. Maybe a situation caused by your own sin and you are struggling with the consequences. Perhaps its a sickness, or something all together different. But what is similar to my situation is the feeling of being hard pressed on every side and in the natural, it seems wery logical for you to panic right now.


If this is you dear reader I have a solution for you, and a solution for myself and my own situation. So rest assured – you are not alone in this. Its a struggle, but there is a solution.


Let me just quickly say this, if your situation is caused by sin I want you to know that God has forgiven you if you have repented from it and trust that Jesus Christ died for your sins. The consequences could still be there, but in your relationship with God you are forgiven. If you are forgiven God sees you as righteous (Rom 3:22) and He always helps the righteous. (Psalm 37:25)

I know dear reader there are some in the church that would claim the lie that if you sin, and you are now struggling with the consequences, its your own fault and you just have to deal with it. That is a lie, the Bible does not teach sinless perfection. We will sin, and sometimes we will fall flat on our faces and sin in a way that gives us life changing consequences to deal with. But as long as you repent, and trust that Jesus died for your sins, God will clean up your mess. (Rom 3:22)

Because it is not about what we do, its about what we believe.



And we also have to remember this, the devil is our accuser. So those people in the church who believes that lie has actually done what Eve did. They have believed the lie of the devil. But the truth is this, its not about what we do or dont do, its about what we belive in.


It is your faith that determines how you respond when unexpected things happens dear reader. Not to long ago I listened to a well known preacher named Kenneth Copeland. His prescription on how to deal with unexpected things was to read psalm 23,27 and 91 each day. According to him that would give us victory and help us to stay healthy. It is health in Gods word for both the body and the soul, and it is a good thing to read the Bible on a regular basis. But proclaiming that would give us healing or victory is works and a lie. And the Bible says that if you turn to works and law to handle life you have fallen from grace and Christ has become of no effect to you. (Gal 5:4)

Other preachers promises us victory if we just remember our identity in Christ as Gods sons and daughters. Even though it is true that we become the sons and daughters of God when we are born again, it doesnt give us any victory over sin and unexpected circumstances.


The Bible says that everything that is not done out of faith in what Jesus has already done for us at the cross is a sin. (Romans 14:23) So all the solutions we are presented with in the church today God looks upon as a sin. Is it any wonder christians some time have a hard time coping with lifes challenges? But how then can Jesus tell us not to worry, and Paul tell us to be at peace with a sense of victory in the midst of our trials?


I dont know dear reader if you confess to be a christian or not. But I guess that living in todays day and age you have heard about Jesus God Son dying on a cross for the sins of man. Everybody has sinned because everybody has one time or another lied, stolen something or hated somebody.So everybody needs salvation and we can only get saved, forgiven by God and become righteous if we believe in what Jesus did for us at the cross. (Romans 3:22)


As christians we have a lot of wonderful promises in the bible (Deut 28:1-13, psalm 23, 91). All through the Bible, God is the one who promises to do these things for us. He promises to fight for us, heal us, provide for us and deliver us. Nowhere in the Bible does it say we have to work or impress Him to obtain His promises. The only thing that is required of us in the Bible is faith. But not just any kind of faith, faith in what God has done for us at the cross (Romans 3:22)


That kind of faith in Jesus dying for our sins makes us Gods sons and daughters. (John 3:16, 2.Chor 6:18). But God does not remove us out of this world just because we have become His sons and daughters. We are still wery much alive in this world, sorrounded by this world and affected by this world. This world has already been jugded by God, and one day He will release His jugdment upon this world. When that happens He will have evacuated His children (1.Chor 15:52).


We cant serve this sinful world and God at the same time. So God has made it perfectly clear that the only road to victory is by faith and constant faith in the blood of His Son Jesus Christ. If we believe in anything other then the blood of Christ we are serving this world and no longer God. If we try to live the life Jesus and Paul talks about by works, even religious works, we are living under law and serving this world and no longer our God. That is a sin and we could end up loosing our souls in the end because Christ has become of no effect.


So we have no choice but to make sure our faith is firmly focused on the cross of Christ. If we do this we are promised victory, we are promised a carefree life in the midst of the storm. We are promised everything we need for life and living. Because when we choose by our own free will to focus our faith on the blood then God becomes our Father. (2.Chor 6:18, Romans 8:32)


So I dont know your situation dear reader. But I do know life can be tough sometimes. Life is hard and sometimes life outright sucks. It sometimes sucks being a christian and it sucks being a non-christian, we are all exposed to the same unexpected circumstances.

But there is a key, a solution and a difference for us christians. A key to a victorious life where we get to overcome, not by our own doing, just by recieving through faith what He has already done for us. And the key is our faith in the blood of Jesus.


Dont get me wrong dear reader, its not easy but its worth it. Its not a quick fix solution and its not a key to a bed of roses. Your life will still be filled with trials, tribulations, sickness, sometimes death of loved once and foreclosures. You will still be wery much capable to sin, sin will still give you consequences you will have to deal with. But there will be a difference dear reader, in the midst of this life you will have peace and be assured of your victory.


Take for instance my own situation, two different real estate agents has declined the job of selling my house. Nobody knows why and when I talked to a financial advisor that is going to help my familiy to become debt free, they didnt understand why they would decline the job. I dont know what the future holds for us, the easiest thing would be to keep the house but that would demand a miracle right now. But I do know that we have an apartment waiting for us, but A LOT of work to make the move.


In the natural, I have good reason to panick and to stress. But I choose to believe in the blood of Christ and His death as the only solution to my problems. That gives me the peace that surpasses all understanding. It doesnt change my circumstances, but I am doing what I am supposed to do as a son of God and that is to believe in the blood of Christ. That kind of faith frees my Dad to do what He needs to do, what He has promised to do. And He has promised me I will become debt free and have all my bills payed and all my needs met, if I will only believe in the cross of Christ and His blood.


Thank you dear reader for taking the time to read this, I hope it was a blessing for you. If you need prayer or a prophecy I am offering it free of charge through my own web page and through the ministry facebook page. (

Published by Apostle Ernie