1Peter 3 There was at one time a TV show with a great following that was called “The Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous” which revealed much regarding the way of life of these people both publicly as well as privately. This may have seemed like a new idea to the show’s directors but in reality, Peter recorded this show in the first century! It was called “The Lifestyle of the Chosen.” Peter opened our eyes to see what true believers can count on in this new lifestyle they have been chosen to walk in.

God’s eyes are upon the righteous just as Hagar came to know. “You are the God who sees me,” [Gen 16] His ears are open to their prayer just as the 1st century centurion learned:   “‘Cornelius, your prayer has been heard” [Act 10:31]  But, we can also know that God’s face is against those who do evil: “The Lord is far from the wickedbut he hears the prayer of the righteous.[ Pro 15:29]

From this we learn three principles:

  1. God sees,
  2. God hears, and
  3. God judges. 

Thus it behooves us to be holy as He is holy. Today, observe how you are living and responding to unbelievers with whom you have contact. If they should ask why you live, behave and respond as you do what would be your answer?

Published by Gaye Austin