We have many modern, technological devices today to help from becoming lost, both on land and water.  We have GPS’s and a huge array of maps from which to choose.  Boaters can access maps that will show them how deep water is and even sonar devices that can be carried on the boat to show depth.  With all these devices it amazes me that there are still so many lighthouses on the Great Lakes.  In this world of technology, there still seems to be a needed place for the old lighthouse.

    Ronnie Hinson wrote a song called ‘The Lighthouse’.  It starts “There's a lighthouse on a hillside that overlooks life's sea.”  Part way through the chorus he says “For Jesus is The Lighthouse.”  In life’s journey there are many things that beset us and many ‘rocky shoals’ that we must avoid.  The best way still seems to be that old lighthouse.  Jesus will shine a light that will help us to avoid the rocks and dangers of life.  Unfortunately, it is still up to us to heed the light.  As with the boater on rough water, if he ignores the lighthouse, a rocky crash will be the result.  Take time to look to the lighthouse and follow the light that will lead to a safe journey home.

Published by Ray Richards