The other day I saw a picture taken from a space craft orbiting the earth.  It was a night picture of North America.  As can be expected the cities showed up quite clearly because of the amount of light in them.  The rural areas, especially most of northern Canada, looked black.  I’m sure there were lights shining in these areas, but because they would only be single lights, they could not be seen.  The cities, with their thousands of lights were easily visible.

    There’s an old song called ‘This Little Light of Mine’.  If we just let our light shine in for a short periods of time, it is difficult for it to be seen.  That is why it is important for us to let our light shine in as many places as possible for as long as possible.  The more we let it shine, the more it can be seen.  The first part of Matthew 5:14 says, “Ye are the light of the world.” (KJV)  If we are to be lights we need to let our light shine all day, every day and in every place we go if we want it to be effective.

Published by Ray Richards