Never done a written review before, so this is something new for me, although buying stuff is definitely not. However, a few weeks ago, I decided to buy a few lip kits for the first time which was super fun.

​Tonight, I will be talking about the Kylie Cosmetics matte liquid lipstick, specifically the shades; Kourt K, Mary Jo K and Kristen. Let me just start off by saying how fast the delivery was. I mean, when you buy things online on days like Cyber Monday, you'd expect there to be a delay. Thankfully, there wasn't.

​Okay enough chatter. Let's get straight to the point: The lipsticks smell amazing, and I am not just saying that, they actually smell so good. The lip liners provided were super easy to use as well. Vanilla scents are always quite strong but this particular one wasn't too overpowering. The consistency was better than I expected, although Kourt K was a little too sticky for me, it didn't dry as good as Mary Jo K and Kristen but the color is beautiful, can't deny that, it's truly cool for sure.

​Mary Jo K was lovely, so easy to apply and the wand made it easier to get the corner in one easy swipe, the liner was also wonderful to use, I usually don't wear stuff like that, but since it's a kit, I made an exception for this. Liner pens are sometimes too hard, so when you apply it, it looks quite horrendous but this particular one was soft, not too soft but the quality was there. Overall a 10 out of 10.

​Kristen, wonderful color, not as bold as the other two but it's definitely nice for low-key events and simply a day out on the town, if you want something that is not too out there but a nice shade of mauve on your lips. The liner was easy to use for this one too, impressed if I may say so.

​I couldn't get a good picture of the shades on my lips but I might try and add a few eventually, once I publish this on here. Well there you have it, a little review from yours truly. Hope this was an interesting piece for you and I hope to post more soon. Take care everyone, enjoy the Christmas break!

​Mila xoxo

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Published by Mila Christiansen