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Today’s post is going to be makeup inspired. I am the kind of person who loves to watch makeup tutorials and read blog posts about beauty products and I generally like applying makeup. Did I just said I am a girl? Hahah, probably. But guys, I know some girls that don’t like that, so point taken. Anyways, you should know that sometimes I get too lazy to be pretty, so don’t be confused when you see me in future all natural. 



I love nude, and beige, and peachy lipsticks. I could where them everyday. Also, this matte finish makes it super special and stylish. I mostly wear it when I want to accentuate my eye makeup, so my lips won’t drive any attention on themselves. They would still be very important part of the look because they would point out my eyes even more that way as they would blend with the rest of the face. 



Red lipstick is something every girl should have by her side. You never know what could happen and where you could end up. But, if you have red lipstick with you, you are safe and sound and ready for any event. It became so popular because it can change your whole look. Even if you don’t have too much makeup on your face. From nada to Prada.



This shade is called Pink so chic. It’s not pink. I bought it when I wanted some hot purple/violet color and it literally looks like a dark red on every photo. In spite of that I do still like it. But, I am still missing the color I wanted in first place.



The first time I saw Kylie Jenner’s True Brown K I knew I want to try out that brown color for my lips. If you weren’t a fan of red lipstick this isn’t for you, either. Brown lipsticks are bold. You have to own it.


If you want to know which two shades I love to often wear go to my blog www.queenBsdiary.wordpress.com!

Which one is your favorite shade of lipstick? Which lipstick you wear the most? If you liked this post give the thumbs up, leave me a cute comment or subscribe! 

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