Hi everyone!

Liquid lipsticks have become incredibly popular, and I’ve had my eye on quite a few recently. :)

One issue that I have had with them was that they are a bit fiddly to put on, so here are a few of my top tips for application:) :

1.) Before purchasing a liquid lipstick, swatch. If you don’t own a lip brush, the lipstick’s applicator shape and size is really important.

For example, if you have thinner lips, a large applicator is going to make application more difficult. I personally prefer doe-foot applicators because they give me more control, and allow me to create neat, crisp edges.

2.) While swatching, check how even the application is on your arm. Patchy liquid lipsticks will make application even trickier! Also check how the lipstick deals with multiple layers on the same patch.

3.) If you have dry lips (as I do), make sure you prep beforehand! Matte liquid lipsticks are notoriously drying, and can emphasise dry patches.

4.) I tend to start at the cupid’s bow and create a little cross. I then trace around the outline of my lips and then fill the rest in!

5.) If it does all go horribly wrong, (as it tends to despite my best efforts) do not fret. Try to have concealer and makeup wipes at hand to neaten up any smudges.

Concealer applied at the top of the cupid’s bow and just under the lower lip make the lips appear fuller, and will make your lipstick stand out.

I hope this helps:)

Kajal x


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