We all are confronted with situations where our heart and rational mind compete against each other to make big decisions. So which one should we listen to in the end? Trust me, I have had a hard time figuring out whether my heart or my mind would lead me into the right direction.

Difficult decisions can be necessary in various situations. Maybe you have met someone you really like but you are not sure about his/her real intentions. Or you feel unhappy with your life because your job or studies are just not the right thing for you. I have been in such a situation before, where I hated my job and it made me feel depressed on the daily. If you have a problem like that, usually the first instance that comes to speak is your rational mind. It was telling me that my job was actually perfect, that I should concentrate on the good reputation, the money and the opportunities I was getting rather than on what I didn't like about it. It was telling me to keep going and ignore my feeling that I was going the wrong way.

But after a while my heart piped up. And it told me something completely different. It told me to think about whether I could imagine myself doing this job for years now, it asked me if I had another idea what I could be doing instead, if I would like to do something completely different. But my brain stepped in immediately.

The battle has begun. 

From now on there were fightings in my head, my heart and mind telling me what was best for me. So how did I decide what I needed to do?

Scientifics say that the brain operates as the heart's advisor, that the brain gathers information to help the heart make a final decision. And I think that explains quite well what I was doing. Listening to my heart was my first choice. Probably because rational decisions often come with uncomfortable consequences and require either lots of patience or endurance and that's why we tend not to like them as much. But we still need to take them into consideration.

To come to a conclusion: I quit my job, but I had planned it well in advance. It was not a spontaneous or inconsiderate decision. I talked to my boyfriend, to my parents, to friends and to relatives about it multiple times. I took my time to find an alternative before I would quit my well paid job. So eventually, I listened to my heart but took my brain's advice first.


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