Never in a million years did I think I'd give jazz its place in my life! But look at me, listening to Astrud Gilberto and it just trips me how most people just dismiss jazz. I mean, it's so relaxing, perfect for listening to after a long day, or you're just unwinding with your boyfriend in bed, maybe you're on a road trip...

It all started when I just wanted to take a break from modern music that my ears are getting tired of listening to. I want to hear a fresh new sound, like it's hot and fresh from the oven, but it's really not.

Know how many singers are emerging today with no real talent but just bent up on making money and becoming famous? That's not the real purpose of music. The purpose of music is to create and enjoy. Hits come and go but it's the classics that will always be remembered.

Try listening to Astrud Gilberto. Listen to her sleepy singing voice. I  think her English songs are better because it has that certain special charm lent to her by her heavy Portuguese accent (Astrud is Brazilian, by the way). She is one of the great legends in jazz music, one of the pioneers of Brazilian jazz, ranking with the likes of Antonio Carlos Jobim. 

My advice? Don't stick to popular, traditional jazz songs you always hear in bars. Be untraditional. Don't follow the herd, and your ears will reward you. A cover by an emerging artist or another rendition by another artist is also good. Also, try to listen to Live versions of an artist. Sometimes, the Live version of a song is so much better and you can see the artist in action. 


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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo