A while ago my wife asked me to bring home some cheese from the store.  By accident I brought home lite cheese.  After a brief, but cordial, discussion with my wife I saw the error of my ways.  Since we didn’t notice it was lite until after it was opened we had to eat it.  After one piece I was quick to agree that buying lite cheese was a mistake.

    There are many foods that are advertised as ‘lite’.  The large majority of them it seems are quite different than the original product.  Many who want the full experience and taste of any food and opt for the ‘lite’ version will find they are not getting what they expected.

    The same can be said of Jesus.  Many want to follow Him and His teachings but want the ‘lite’ version.  They only want certain teachings at certain times.  Following Jesus is 100% all the time.  When Jesus called Peter and Andrew to follow Him, their response in Matt 4:20 was, “And they straightway left their nets, and followed him.”  They walked away from their livelihood.  They realized there was no ‘Jesus lite’.  It was all or nothing.

Published by Ray Richards