Aviva Zilberman (AZ). Many of you are probably familiar with this Israeli designer but for those of you who are not-it is time you do, and most importantly it is time you visit her beautiful shop.
You see, I love her shop. Located off Shenkin, on Melchet street, AZ little shop is a cozy, beautiful getaway from the outside noise. Here you can find stripes, great dresses and little cactus sitting along candies, cool jewelries and beautiful paper notebooks. What else do I need more from a shop?

I bought this cozy black dress that has great cuts, last week. The fabric is light, and suits perfect the Israeli weather. 

Ans the sale is now on! So I also plan on buying her stripes T in pink and white. You should  benefit from it before it’s all gone.

2 more days till weekend..



Published by Karine Regev