So when I started working in Virginia Beach I was contacted by this guy wanting to be my "Sugar Daddy" and he ended up being everything but. After a few hours of texting I agreed to meet him. He sent an Uber to pick me up and I had no idea where I was going. We pulled up to a house by that tasty cakes factory on Indian River. I didn't trip, yet, it's a house more than I can say. I assumed maybe he was smart with money. Anxiously waiting, the front door opened and a 5 foot little man came limping out. Now i'm like wtf. He got in the car smiling at me and said Hi like everything was cool. When the uber driver asked where to, he said Texas Roadhouse. I LLLOOOOVVVEEE Texas Roadhouse and had mentioned it earlier while talking so I was like okay i'm not gonna cuss him out yet.
When we pulled up to the restaurant the driver opened the door for us and when Little man was getting out I noticed his leg was crooked, i'm assuming that's why he was walking like that. Little man didn't even bother to make a reservation as if Texas Roadhouse isn't a busy packed restaurant. Aggravated and hungry, I can't stop looking at his leg, along with everyone else in the restaurant. It was obvious he had taken time and proudly put his outfit together. I should of known then his ass was broke. He had on polo boots, jeans, a damn sweater with a vest and one of those pimp hates with a fake Rolex. I was texting my best friend the whole time trying to stay calm. He said since I like steak I could order a sirloin. HAHAHA. No sir, I ordered a Ribeye and shrimp. He said he was the supervisor at Sentara so I assumed he could pay for it; which he did. When leaving he asked me if i'd consider not working and letting him take care of me and I truthfully told him he couldn't afford me. Then asked for an IPhone, that I got the next day. I was shocked, more shocked when he raised his voice at me in Tmobile. said "COME HERE" I damn near knocked his leg into place. Little man almost lost his life, I went the f*ck off. I don't know who he was trying to show off for but he tried the wrong one.
A few days later he invited me to his house and lost all respect I had for him. He didn't own the house, he was renting out a room. You're a supervisor though? Right. Little man had some huge insecurities. I swear he hates woman. He would say the nastiest things to me. Every time he got mad, "Well f*ck you then, DUMBASS HOE" I never tripped about it til one day he decided to snatch my phone like I wasn't taller, bigger and stronger than him. I dragged his ass straight to Tmobile to take me off his plan so I could start my own. I'm guessing me being on his plan meant he owned me or something. HAHA, right. He was very obsessive. He would post my pics on facebook and shit like dude. wtf you doing I barely know you, talking about your girlfriend. He was in my hotel one day and like passed out on the floor and was shaking and shit, I left so QUICK.
I didn't really talk to him anymore because he never had any money, lol that sounds horrible, and one day he stole $100 out my purse when I was in the shower. I'm still trying to figure out how because I put my purse at the top of the closet. So he had to get a chair or something because there's no step stools in hotels. He would text me EVERYDAY, ALL DAY. COKE HEAD HOE, DUMBASS HOE, YOUR FAMILY RAPED YOU, YOUR MOM DONT WANT YOU, KILL YOURSELF, & the shit emoji. even when I blocked his number, he would call and text from other numbers. it got so bad he started flagging my ads, EVERY TIME I posted. Even when I did post, he'd email me bullshit and repeatedly call my phone so I couldn't text, call, NOTHING. One day I was having a really rough day and he texted me some shit horrible shit about my past and family and told me he was going to keep fucking with me until I moved or killed myself. I know I'm an escort but damn. You knew what I was when you went on bp and got my number. Why talk shit to me about it. I didn't know little people could be so cruel. What the fuck was he so angry about? We decided to find out something about him, and searched him up. OMG you wont believe what we saw....

Published by ShylahBoss Lee