This review is a bit different than usual. I have recently acquired some of the Little Mates children's books collection, so I have decided to review the books I currently own and talk about the collection in general.

The Little Mates A-Z Collection by Susannah McFarlane and Scholastic is a collection of 26 books that feature Aussie Animals. Each book features an animal relating to the letter the book is promoting.

These books are perfect for young children, they are engaging and really enhance the alphabet. The stories being told are both fun and educational.

With amazing illustrations by Lachlan Creagh, The Little Mates Collection is visually stunning.

I was fortunate enough to come across these books in my local supermarket and I couldn't help myself, I had to buy them.

I love collecting books (especially children's books) that are about Australia, and this collection is overflowing with Australian Animals.

Unfortunately I havent yet finished collecting this series, but now that I have started I have no intention of stopping until I own them all.

I currently own Bounciest Bilby, Daredevil Dingo, Inquisitive Ibis, Jolliest Joey, Kindest Koala, Playful Platypus, Quietest Quokka and Ticklish Tasmanian Devil.

If you havent heard of these books and you have young children I highly recommend you get your hands on these books, both you and your kinds will love this collection.

The Little Mates A-Z Collection is a must have for every Australian Family.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker