I love little things..

AKA me.

Nah, I’m messing with ya (sort of, I do love myself but don’t get me started). I was thinking the other day about how I view the world and all that jazz.

I mean, I’m a very optimistic person (most of the time) – I look for the good in the deepest darkest places and you bet I can find even the tiniest speck of good news in a plethora of bad.

I mean, sometimes I’m pessimistic for a good reason, like occasionally I’ll downplay stuff so I won’t be absolutely gutted if it doesn’t pull through and if it does I’ll be completely bloody buzzing.

People always describe me as being ‘happy’ and always smiling and a question I’ve been asked many, many times over the years is:

“How are you so happy all the time?!”

I mean, there are many reasons. Many. But I think a key element to be being off my tits on happiness for the majority of the time (or seeming to be) is that I love the little things.

I get excited and hyped up over the smallest things: getting a milkshake, if my song comes on the radio, if I see a pick’n’mix in a shop where I didn’t expect to see one, if I’m going to the cinema and getting popcorn, if I see my favourite colour, if something’s glittery or something has a jazzy design.

For example, the other day I literally cheered up even more because I noticed that the double decker buses in London have a window running down the stairs and I just got happy.

Weird, I know but I’d drank an absolutely massive glass of wine.
Wine does things to me.
Like, unspeakable things.
I’ll stop there.

But nah, don’t get me wrong, I love the bigger things in life just as much: moving forward in my career, birthdays, holidays, big nights out with my pals…

But I also love and appreciate the smaller moments of these things: learning a script, getting to know a character, my morning run on my birthday, the night before my birthday when I’m relaxed and excited (anticipation is one of my favourite things)..

And I find myself getting just as excited about a chilled night out at the pub with mates as I would for a massive painting-the-town-red night with them.

Dream as much as you can and strive to achieve your goals – but don’t forget to enjoy the journey. Even when you’ve hit the goal, like, you’ll still be on a journey so –

Nah, you know what, I’m just gonna stop while I’m ahead, I’m like that person that says something deep and meaningful and good and then just carries on and everyone’s like “oh, wow, she’s still going, okay..” I definitely talk too much. Like I am doing now.


In answer to the question that I’ve usually answered with “I dunno man” –

It’s the little things. That’s why I always manage to be so bloody happy.

C u l8er,

Sammy xxxx

P.S. wrote this after drinking a coffee so may be a slightly caffeine-induced rant. Love y’all

Published by Sammy Oliver