Hi everyone! 

So I was thinking that since summer is here (in England anyway..), it’s a time when a lot of people worry about their outward appearance, which they really shouldn’t! Although if you are one of these people, or maybe you just want to be a little healthier on the inside, this is the post for you. I'm bringing you some easy ways to change an unhealthy lifestyle around!

1. Drink some super smoothies!

Drinking fruity smoothies (or veggie ones) is such a quick and easy snack. I usually make my classic smoothie for breakfast so I can drink it on the way to, and at school or work. Depending on the fruits you use, different smoothies do different things for your body. There’s tonnes all over the Internet, but my favourite recipe is as follows:

  • 30 blueberries
  • 8 blackberries 
  • Half a banana
  • 2 apples 

The reason I like this one is because it has lots of blueberries and some banana and these are superfoods, they’re so so good for you! This is my go to, it’s so good for your body at the start of the day, and it tastes amazing!

Another great one is not a favourite to many, because of the use of kale. It includes:

  • Chopped up kale
  • A little bit of celery
  • One banana
  • 1/2 cup of apple juice
  • 1 tbsp of lemon juice

The good thing about this one is the fruity flavours generally cancel out the vegetable taste, which is why I like this one. 

The thing about smoothies is you can change them up to suit what your doing that day or your personal preferences. For example maybe you want to try the blueberry one but don’t like apples, just reduce the number of apples and increase the number of something else that you like!

In the summer it’s a great idea to add ice to the blender so it’s a bit colder in the hot weather. 

2. Go for walks (or runs)

Going for a 20-30 minute walk a few times a week will improve your general fitness. Gentle exercise like this will cause your body to release endorphines which makes you happier! (Also light exercise like this can relieve period pains) Similarly, if you want to improve your fitness even more, you could swap the walking for jogging! This is a great way to lose weight, tone your leg and abdominal muscles and make you generally fitter. 

3. Yoga

Yoga is a great way to chill out before or after a day of work, school or just to help you get up and do something physical. Get outside with a yoga mat (unless it’s raining, then stay inside) and do about half an hour of yoga. 

This is great because it not only chills you out, it also gently tones muscles without the need for vigorous exercise. This, again, released the endorphines to make you a happier, healthier person!

4. Put that packet of crisps down

It’s all well and good doing the above, but you’ve also got to cut out bad habits, such as eating junk food. It’s not a lot to do, and even though it may seem difficult to begin with, once you stop eating unhealthy food, you’ll never want to eat it again! I speak from experience! 

You don’t want to live off of unhealthy food like most people I know, although it’s important to have a healthy balance of food. This means small amounts of chocolate or other fatty foods are good, lots of carbohydrates (bread, pasta. These give you energy), enough fruit and veg (5 a day), the right vitamins and minerals (which come from most everyday foods) and plenty of water, particularly if you’re going to be spending the day in the sun! (Please also wear suncream, I made the mistake of not wearing any yesterday and my legs are currently very burnt!)

5. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep!

I always go to bed at the same time every night (10:30) but I know how tempting it is to just lay in bed and stay on your phone for a further 2 hours. Especially if it buzzes or goes off while you’re trying to sleep. The best way to get around this is to set yourself a time when you’d like to sleep, turn your phone off about 30 minutes before that, and do something to relax you, like read a book or do some homework. 

Looking at your phone screen while you’re trying to wind down tricks your eyes into being more awake. The bright light from the screen can make your brain think it’s daytime which can lead to a lack of sleep. 

I often have naps in the afternoon so that I feel more well-rested the next day. 

On the flip side, when you wake up, particularly on weekends, you want to get out of bed as soon as possible. I wouldn’t advise you spend the entire day in bed, as tempting as it is! Get up, have a morning shower to wake you up, have a smoothie, and seize the day!

That’s all from me for today! Let me know if you try any of this, and also let me know if you want to see more things like this from me!

Have a great day!

Catch you soon,

Em x 

Published by Em Somerset