I appeal to you, dear brothers and sisters, by the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, to live in harmony with each other. Let there be no divisions in the church. Rather, be of one mind, united in thought and purpose. (‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭1‬:‭10‬ NLT)
Like a frustrated coach watching his team bicker on the court, Paul called for a time-out. He saw the danger of divisions and arguments. The Corinthian believers’ lack of unity was obvious. They may have been playing in the same “uniform,” but they were doing as much as the opposition to bring about their own defeat. The problems weren’t so much differences of opinion as divided allegiances. They were arguing over which position on the team was most important in a way that made them ineffective as a unit. They were on the field, but out of the game.
Divisions between Christians work like brick walls and barbed-wire fences to undermine the effectiveness of the message that believers are to proclaim. Focus on your coach, Jesus Christ, and the purpose he has for you. Strive for harmony. Keep arguments about allegiances off the team. (Tyndale Study Bible)
Like the scripture says dear brothers and sister, we are a family we are to stand by each other through thick and thin.
Division starts with jealousy. People fight for supremacy in positions rather than standing together for God. In relationships, it's about who's right or wrong. Really who makes me or you God.
You don't have to be called head Pastor or head sweeper; you are as important as the next. What you do is just as important as the Boss. We all form a part of something. A sprocket is useless without the chain. A pastor is useless without members, members without a leader.
How can we have harmony in the church or the world? If there is no harmony in your mind. Inner peace comes from forgiving accepting and loving unconditional. Just like our God teaches us through the Bible. What's amazing that God is available to all! So in short Forgive, Love and accept patiently. The world will be at your doorstep.
One of my biggest struggles in life was when I lost my business, my EGO. Thank God that I met Jesus, because now I am bigger than everybody before God. Lol, I am sure that's not true, but that's how I feel, He Loves all of us.
" Lord I pray for brotherhood in everything I do. I pray for true forgiveness. I pray for all out there. I pray for no division. So that we grow in harmony. I appeal to everyone to pray this prayer. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen

Published by Terrence Lotz