Recently, My cousin was passed away. He was under stroke as never take care of his diet, no exercise and moreover not take his medication. We can accept his death peacefully. I love the way my sister shared, ” The ending of life is expected and it’s depend on how long we can live.” Once there is birth, there is death. No one knows when is our turn and for sure, that day will come. As such, Treasure your life and live well!

My cousin’s death reminded me on one article I read before that we must live our life to fullest, help others whenever you can, give your selfless and also shine your happiness. If we don’t benefit to others, and ourselves, our existence might be worst than a tree. A tree will transform rubbish to nutrient and its can provide fresh oxygen to support our life. Ask yourself, are you benefiting to others? Are you contributing to this world for a better place to stay?

I enjoyed attending my cousin’s funeral as the pastor was kept sharing on positive angle of life that My cousin was in heaven and united with others in the Kingdom of God. The missa was so peaceful and calm. People accepted his death and total environment was not surrounded by sadness. No point to keep crying in funeral, give our best blessings to the dead and also his loved one, family.

Death is a must! No one can escape!

Most important, live well now!

Published by Hoh Li Jiun