These days, I have but one aspiration, and that is to be like the Mountain Goat with little or no care in the world. I at some point even had fantasies of reincarnating as one before reincarnation buffs effectively burst my bubble in claiming I can only reincarnate in human form, either as a lesser or greater form depending on my deeds during my last human stint, but never outside of the specie. Since I can't be a mountain goat physically, I've elected to live as one in human flesh, by just been free and comfortable being none other than myself. I know this might sound selfish but what else could be more satisfying and gratifying? The mountain goat takes Nefelibata to new heights. It has no need of validation by and from its fellow goats, who would also not want to impose themselves on their peer. The name of the game is indifference, as nothing could be so interesting to wean the goat off that time when it's at one and peace with its natural environment. In a concrete jungle though, nature may by subsumed, but one could transport oneself away from that immediate environment to that which his/her minds seeks, and is at peace with, even in the midst of so much chaos and noise. Much like when because of lack one eats crumbs or the most tasteless and bland of non-nutritious foods, but in the minds eye, eating some of the most sumptuous meal anyone could ever savour. How about not just eating it once, but regurgitating it for yet another round of mastication and ingestion, just because you can, at your leisure, as you look over life and times from the heights. The hustle and bustle is no longer for this goat dawg! And while it is not necessarily just about the "siddon-look" stance from a safe distance, at the folly that's of chasing dreams, and recording and achieving success, it's of understanding that because there can never be an end to needs and wants, sufficient for the day avails much, in terms of peace of mind. Grabbing low hanging fruits, taking advantage of opportunities, and understanding when to quit, because the fact that some things are there for the taking, doesn't necessarily mean one is meant to have them. As there's no hurry in life, what is yours will naturally come to you, just like fate, and that's despite concerted efforts to avert same, so much so that in walking in the very exact opposite of the path in which that which is fated is set, brings the one ever so closer to it. Therefore this is a very good place to count your teeth with your tongue. As mountain goat, time, space and place, is infinitesimal to the global view we must espouse even from our locations, either in Tibet's Himalayan ranges, or in the Kilimanjaro, or in the obscurity of any other mountain ranges anywhere in the world. No distinctions exist amongst us because of locations, as regardless of our persuasion we are united in our philosophy. We own nothing, all we have, including our life is for rent, for our use for the best we can while we still have it, and to relinquish it, when we must. Therefore, nothing should be so important for us to be too attached, or fear so much to lose, and there's no need to miss what we never had. Nothing should be indispensable, we aren't indispensable, therefore we must live free, to die well, seeing as no one is leaving here alive anyway. 'kovich LIVING AS A MOUNTAIN GOAT

Published by m'khail madukovich