So, living in the country side can have its good days and bad. The bad being the fact traveling up north into Manchester center can take its time and it can be a bit of a walk to anything interesting but on the good days its beautiful and there's one day every year that makes living in the suburbs worth it. The Cheshire show. If you didn't know, that's where I live, Cheshire in south Manchester and I've always loved the city but I'm born a country girl. Therefore once a year me and my friend travel about fifteen minuets further into the country side to go to the show which is basically a big market full of stalls from local businesses and charities and the best part by far is the animal shows. There are dog shows, sheep shows, horse shows and more and you can get involved and go cuddle any farm animal you want which I fully took advantage of. It's spread over two days and every year I have been its always been gorgeous weather. If animals and country living is your thing and you're local or even fancy traveling up for a day out I would definately recommend it. My highlights of the days are all the baby cows and getting to meet them and also getting to hold a baby duck. While there I took part in so many raffles and tombolas and I'm happy that the money I spent went to local charities such as the Manchester dogs home and many more.

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Published by Laura Sykes