A few posts back now, when we got the news that we were moving into the apartment, I put together a mood board of ideas for the living room. I’ll insert it again here…

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 14.42.34

Well I think it is fair to say my mood board has come to life right before my eyes and I LOVE the way it turned out.


We have the white sofa we found on the street to be discarded that we have recycled and added a navy armchair we found on Gumtree for $30 -which was a bargain. The coffee table was taken and painted from my boyfriend's parents house and the soft furnishings were picked up from Ikea.

Rug ($120), striped throw ($30), striped cushion and cover ($15) and diamond print cushion and cover ($25).

We got the blue Ikea dining chairs from the mood board and they tie the two areas of the room together! I love the mix of black and white patterns.


The large frame and plants on this shelf cost no more that $20 in total and came from Kmart. They have lots of cheap but decent quality bits and bobs for your home which make it a fun and cheap way to dress up the place!

The small framed picture is one of a bunch of postcards my boyfriend found in a local antiques pop-up shop, of Hawaii and the exact spot we spent our first holiday. The antiques shop was owned by a lady from Maine, USA and a lot of her antiques were from the state of Maine, where my boyfriend and I met and worked at a summer camp together. He even found a postcard of the exact lake our summer camp is based on, which is so special to us. I absolutely love these postcards, it was such a thoughtful gift and we shall keep them forever. There are several dotted around the room… can you spot them?


This bookcase was from our old bedroom, which we decided to put in the living room to display books, blurays and pictures. I love the old vintage tins and the ‘Harry Potter’ lightening bolt on top from was Kmart for about $9!


The B&R frames were a DIY gift I put together for Valentines day! I bought the acrylic letters and placed them in cheap frames from Ikea with some wrapping paper behind them. I just think they add a nice little personal touch to the room full of generic buys from Ikea and Kmart.


One of my favourite elements were these hexagon shelves from K-mart ($9 each) they reflect the cool geometric prints around the room and were a fun way to spice up the plain walls. My favourite thing I placed on the shelves was a card I found that said ‘I love you more than Ikea hotdogs’ -which we became very accustomed to on our many trips there!!

I hope you like my interior design ideas brought to life. Be sure to check out some posts from other rooms in my new apartment.

B x

Published by Beth Hallett