‘Passion’ – a glamorous word with hidden charisma, this aspect has entered into lives recently. Thanks to the magic of movies, television, internet and global connectivity, passion has become the new favorite word for all. Though passion is not limited to the younger generation or modern times alone, its value has definitely increased in today’s world. So how do we define this passion that influences our life so much? What is passion and how do we bring it to life?

   Passion is nothing but strong feeling towards a task, hobby, activity or goal. It is a form of fuel that energizes us towards the ambition. Passion brings us closer to our interests, desires, likes and dreams, prompting us to follow it with dedication and determination. Though several challenges and roadblocks may seem to interfere in the process, passion is all about staying focused right till the end. Passion does not translate into unusual hobbies or novel activities. It is falsely associated with daring acts or unusual stunts. Passion is not about drawing limelight or seeking attention. It simply means investing efforts towards acts of your desire. Be it cooking, traveling, working on a computer or reading, passion can be any thought of your own choice.

 If passion is just another act of interest or favorite hobby, why it is essential to be passionate?

   Being passionate reflects our commitment. It depicts our desire to achieve something in life. Passion stands for our hard work, satisfaction and determination as we struggle towards the finish line. While we fulfill our dreams and gain the output as desired, we move closer to the joy of living. No amount of treasure or materials can offer the same satisfaction as showered by the fulfillment of our passion. Born from the core of our heart, passion is the real reason to make us joyful. Passion provides us with a reason to look forward to the future. It forces us to think about our interests and make plans for the same. It is truly one of the most influential factors that can give us a roadmap. Passion does not limit to hobbies or extra-curricular activities alone. Your passion may lie in daily routine work too. This passion can drive you towards more improvement with every passing day.

   Passion poses as the reason to bring out the best in us. As passion is a self-determined goal, we do not look at it as a burden or pressure. It is a personal desire that demands our hard work and sincerity, as we excel along the way. Passion pours interest into our efforts, as we look at it with admiration. It is necessary to recognize our passion, define its course, plan our efforts and get into the race. Our own desire or passion cannot be compared with others. It is inappropriate to judge the interest of others and evaluate our own journey as the best. Every individual has a unique dream that powers their course of path. This translates into freedom of choice and execution. It is impossible to command over others, forcing them to adopt a particular passion. While we can guide or assist them with suggestions, ideas and experiences, we cannot plan their activities from start to end.

    Working on our passion does not seem as ‘work’ at all. As it aligns with our dreams, likes and happiness, it assumes a smooth flow always.

While living this passion, what are the key points that one should remember? What factors must be taken into consideration to draw happiness from this passion as desired?


1.Passion is all about determination from within

Unless you are determined to excel in a particular task, you cannot expect to enjoy your passion. In order to bring your goals to life, we must express dedication, commitment and sincerity. Though others may inspire you to work hard, they cannot reach your finish line. Passion demands hard work and desire to proceed ahead, irrespective of the challenges.


2.Passion translates into work and play

As passion is defined by your interests, it should offer joy of work and play. It should give you enjoyment and happiness to move along. If you do not enjoy the process, it may turn out to be routine course of work. It is essential to draw happiness from your passion, as it can keep you going. Joy and relaxation offered by passion can increase your interests towards other responsibilities too.


3.Passion is more about the process, and less about the product

While working towards our passion such as a new hobby or a novel attempt, we must not worry about the end result. Though we may face failure along the way, we must be able to enjoy the process rather than stress over the outcome. Your piece of art may not turn into the one you thought or your cooked delicacy may lack the taste, yet it is essential to enjoy the experiment as a new task.


4.Passion can go hand-in-hand with your routine work

Passion should not disrupt your routine job. In order to live your passion, you must not pull yourself into an unusual lifestyle. Before we can convert our passion into a full-time job, we need to focus on our regular work to ensure flow of income. Though we may invest more efforts and prove successful in our desire over a period of time, we cannot disturb the present situation.


5.Passion does not confine to limits of time or experience

Passion is about thinking beyond the box and trying your hands at something new. It does not demand adequate experience. It is all about exploring your options, expanding your horizon and benefiting from limitless opportunities under the sun. Passion cannot be bound under fixed time intervals. One can pursue a hobby for a lifetime or invest their time in short-term passionate projects.


Passion is truly out in the open. Grab your opportunity, invest your efforts and live your passion- after all you have only one lifetime to enjoy it all! 

Published by Lavanya