Ljubljananjam is designed as a hedonistic city tour of Ljubljana, where in a few hours you can turn almost all of your senses ( not only visually ones ) when you are sightseeing city landmarks.

During my recent visit to Ljubljana, I managed to “catch” conceptual creator and owner of Ljubljananjam , Iva Gruden in between several tourist walks. Although it was quite rainy weather in those few days, Iva’s phone did not stop ringing from incoming calls, emails and messages of people who are interested in this foodwalk of Ljubljana.

“Soon my project will turn three years. Honestly, the first year was not much of a boom, but  this year, as you can see, cell phone is constantly ringing. I think I will soon have to hire a secretary” says Iva with a laugh. Hers tourist walks of Ljubljana are not the typical ones. The goal, in addition to buildings, statues and other typical tourist locations is to represent Ljubljana and Slovenia through food, wine and craft beer.

She says that she is also a craft beer movement lover that she had the opportunity to discover during hers stay in Vancouver, Canada, and she is now trying to bring the world of Slovenian craft beer to the people who participate in these tourist walks.

“We have a very good relationship with caterers that we visit during our tour, and we have a great ” feedback “ from our users who really like this concept of our Ljubljana foodwalk. People have a lot to see and taste in our three to four hour city walk. ”

Tours are personalized, so that they may work well for one person, and for the maximum number of participants, witch is six. Also, if you are allergic to any food or you are a vegetarian / vegan, food choices will be customized to your needs.

Starting prices range from € 35 per person and include craft beer tasting and coffee, while for other packages you can contact Iva.

“My goal in the future is, except for Alenka who helps me a lot now in this business, to hire a few more people who will fit into my business concept. Also possibly to be extended to other parts of Slovenia that I think would be interesting to the people, and certainly showcase more of the  Slovenian craft breweries.”


Published by foodwinebeertravel site