Don’t call it a comeback, after playing with the idea of retirement on Twitter, LL Cool has revealed that he has been working on a forthcoming album due out soon that will feature a collaboration with Eminem.  The album does not have an official title or track list yet but LL has promised that the album is “gonna be amazing.” 

Eminem has reportedly already laid down vocals while LL says that “people should gear up for this project.”  LL has promised a big announcement with further details in the near future. Cool J added that “Em is my man . . We’ll definitely get it poppin.’  The world has been waiting for that . . . “Most people and hip hop fans probably have been waiting for a major album to hit the airwaves, however the hip hop community hardly has been expecting a collaboration between the two modern day legends as both are nearing the end of their respective careers.

Before retiring and “un” retiring March 14th, LL had announced last October that he would be releasing “G.O.A.T 2” this year however the rapper says that the follow up to the 2000 album “Greatest of all time” is on hold and that his focus is on the new project and collaboration.  More announcements and further details are expected soon on the production end, but since “G.O.A.T. 2” was supposed to be out this year, fans likely can expect the new project to be released sometime in 2016.

Published by Ville Iso-Ahola