Loadscan is a company in New Zealand that has long been supplying the mining industry with payload scanner technology providing accurate payload readings with +/- 1% accuracy and real-time delivery of data reporting. Payload scanners have been so effective in the mining industry that miners have reported a 15% increase in trucking efficiency.

Payload scanners are so accurate as well as cost-effective for businesses within the mining industry that they have not only increase efficiency they have also helped to reduce costs. Mines employing the use of payload scanners have operations running with up to a 15% increase in efficiency thus increasing profits.

Adding to this, the mines are saving on costs that were once incurred by human error and unreliable measurement tools. The use of weighbridges and scales are incomparable to the accuracy of a load volume scanner. As a result, correct measurements have had a positive impact on the mining industries bottom line.

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Further cost savings are made thanks to the reliability of payload volume scanners. Payload scanners do not require regular calibration, there are no wearable parts reducing maintenance, and the 3D imagining system allows for quick split second measurements of payloads at any time stats for the payload are required.

On the contrary, the use of weighbridges and scales pose a list of disadvantages that can slow down different areas of the supply chain set up. For example, manual weighing is much slower than using a payload scanner,  weighbridges and scales require maintenance that incurs costs, and lastly, if the persistent measurement of payloads is needed, the truck needs to unload and reload each time.

Payload scanners use 3D imaging to scan any payload. This imaging system is able to get the exact volumetric size and density of the payload. That 3D image is then quickly converted into an accurate weight and size metric of the payload, which is reported in real-time back to a central computer system.

Loadscanners do not require the truck to be unloaded to measure payloads. Plus, measurements can be performed at any time within seconds. This leads to a key advantage to miners. 

All loading, unloading, and transit operations can be tracked and measured at any point in the supply chain. This allows the miners to keep track of any wasteful haul-back. If materials lose volume due to moisture or weather conditions, the loss can be recorded. 

Already from this short explanation of payload volume load scanners, it is clear how Loadscan’s supply of loadscanners has helped to solve an array of industry efficiency problems. The end result is reduced manual labor, faster measurements, payload measurement on demand, real-time reporting, the reduction in human area, reduced maintenance cost, and overall a marked increase in efficiency.


Published by Arina Smith