An exciting new partnership between Lodgify and Airbnb is paving the way for property owners and property managers to seamlessly work between the two vacation-rental platforms by using a full API integration between Lodgify and Airbnb.

Lodgify, a website creation service geared towards highlighting positive aspects of vacation properties, can now be automatically synchronized with Airbnb, allowing Lodgify users to update and maintain information on every aspect of their listed properties in a few simple clicks. Every change made on either of the services automatically updates onto the other in real time. Thanks to the full API integration, Lodgify users can also now create listings on Airbnb faster and easier than ever.

Lodgify is quickly becoming a leading web-based vacation rental web design platform where property owners and managers can create web pages featuring their vacation properties. The platform allows users to accept payments, manage bookings, and sync listing information with the world's leading travel agencies. When linked to major travel agencies like and Airbnb, Lodgify users are able to manage all of their bookings from one location: their Lodgify vacation-rental site.The new partnership between Airbnb and Lodgify is a major stepping stone on Lodgify's journey to become one of the most well-integrated vacation-rental system available today. Speaking about the partnership, Lodgify CEO, Dennis Klett, has expressed his excitement about the new relationship.

According to Klett, the partnership allows Lodgify users to reach unprecedented numbers of potential customers as Airbnb is one of the largest vacation-rental communities in the world. The goal of Lodgify, as expressed by Klett, is to enable its members to increase their market presence through visibility.

Through the two-way API synchronization, users are now able to keep all of their property-related information up-to-date on both their Lodgify and Airbnb platforms. When changes are made to listings on either service, those changes are immediately synced with the other, and that is one of the most powerful advancements for the company to date.

Referring to the future plans of the Lodgify platform, Dennis Klett has confirmed that the company is planning to continually improve on the tools available to its customer base, as well as reaching new levels of connectivity with the world's leading vacation-property communities.

Who is Lodgify?

Lodgify is a platform which allows property owners and managers to create their own vacation-rental website. The Lodgify platform makes it possible to manage bookings, accept many different forms of payment, and also create two-way synchronization through their multi-platform channel system. Airbnb is one of many channels that puts site owners in touch with millions of potential customers.

Who is Airbnb?

Since 2008, Airbnb has become one of the largest global travel communities in the world. With property listings in over 35 thousand cities and more than 190 countries holiday-goers the world over can access a wide variety of lodging types, styles and sizes. Hotels, hostels, homestays and vacation cabins are among the more popular offerings on the Airbnb platform.  

Published by Arina Smith