If you are an airhostess I am pretty sure you have a lot of long flights in your rosters, therefore you ladies need a long lasting makeup, so you can look gorgeous until the end of your working day! During the summer season I have a lot of short night stays in my roster with 3 hours or less, stay at the hotel. Of course 3 hours are not enough to have enough sleep, but however I used to bring with myself my pyjamas and I had to wake up one hour before my check in time, so I can do my hair and makeup. Well, I don’t this anymore since I had enough of that and decided to get some more sleep on the night stays. Yes, it’s not good to sleep with your makeup on, because every night you fall into bed with your makeup on, you age your skin 14 days!

Today I will share my favourite products that are really good and will last 24hours for sure (even that will survive a night stay!)

Let’s start with the concealer and get rid of those dark circles and other  annoying blemishes! I use AVON‘s pallete and I love it…although many women don’t recomend it. Let’s do not forget each of us has a different type of skin and each product reacts in a different way. The pallete has 4 colours – lilac, pink, apricot and yellow. The lilac one is for a healthier glow, the pink one hides imperfections and dark circles, the apricot is for contour and the yellow hides red bud stains. My dark circles are not so visible and I don’t have too many red bud stains, that’s why this pallete is perfect for my skin. But if you need something more covering and with not so oily texture I recomend you MAC Mineralize Concealer or MAC studio finish concealer. Rimmel “Wake Me Up” concealer is also very nice and looks very natural on your skin, but it is not so coverable as MAC’s products.
These are all the foundations I have ever tried (and one more of Bourjois which sadly is suspended from sale)-
 ESTEE LAUDER double wear, DIORSKIN FOREVER, LA ROCHE-POSAY, BOURJOIS flower perfection. They all give me the perfect natural look,  match my skin tone and are very coverable and most important are not so heavy (except ESTEE LAUDER which is for aging skin, but GOSH it looks so good on my skin!). I’ve been with the same foundation more than 12 hours (even sleeping with my makeup on, during night stays) and it stays good and natural during the whole day. No worries! I just want to say  LA ROCHE is better to use during winter/autumn seasons, because your skin gets too oily otherwise.

As an over-foundation finisher I use Clinique Say-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder. This is a skin-perfecting powder that also works beautifully alone. More often I use NYX finish matte spray. Not only it gives a shine-free matte effect, but it also makes your makeup long lasting! And it’s only 8$!

You can read my whole article here: https://crewlifechronicles.com/2016/06/05/long-lasting-makeup-for-cabin-crew/


Published by Monika Kachamanova