Time flies, as they say! It's unbelievable that 3 weeks has passed since my last blog post...I've managed to turn my little life upside down yet again ... third time this year... I think, 2016 is definitely about changes for me and I thrive on new challenges, so I'm all good, don't you worry! As Benjamin Franklin once said: "Lost time is never found again",  so we need to make sure it's wasted it wisely.






This time last year I would have never thought I'd be where I am, doing what I do today...even a month ago I wouldn't have thought I'd (partially) go back to "location bound" office employment... But "hey-ho" if the opportunity knocks, you know when to let it in!







I'm not a person who'd regret anything. The way I see it is that if it's a decision it can only be good...You'd either learn from it or grow by it. What needs to come will come and what needs to go will go... This year I've said a lot of "good-bye"-s but I also had many "hello"-s! I'm so excited what this year - and the future - holds. I'm sure, the best is yet to come! 









I moved, I changed jobs, I fell in love...with myself... Few of the great things I have recently done! I started looking at my life as a sand timer - that needs turning upside down from time to time so that it gets to flow. I've learnt how to let go and move forward. I became more aware of spirituality and have started "reading" the signs - or at least think about them. And I became addicted to solitude...

Just heard on TV that a lot of people suffer from loneliness - that I find really sad. I need to admit, I didn't use to like being alone and associated "being alone" with "being lonely"... Although, these two are not the same! One can feel incredibly lonely surrounded by a lot of people and one who may physically be alone can be supported by many. I feel grateful for my family and friends - who may well be thousands of miles away but they are right by my side - through thick and thin!









I find writing very therapeutic and I missed it a lot. I have started scribbling notes in my little notebook whilst on public transport or sitting by the sea. My head is full of thoughts that are desperate to break free. So three weeks may have flown by, but a lot has yet to come. Bear with me my darlings, in a blink of an eye, you will see more posts popping up, I promise to be more productive. Just wait & see!

Lots of love,


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