Image result for Look life ahead inspirations    Life is precious. It is a gift. It is not replaceable. It has so much to conquer. Life takes us through so many struggles, valleys, pits, falls, failures, life lessons, etc. It is difficult when you can't rise up. Its hard when you can't dream your dream nor live your life as per your wish. Its tiring when things don't go like you wanted and people play an important role in ruining our hope and faith.

      But thinking so deeply I could only say that life is meant to be tough. It is because only when life is tough we search God. We look up to Him and He wants us to be with Him 24/7.
He encourages us to see the future that He Himself is holding in His hands. It is tough to trust Him especially when things doesn't get better even praying so hard. I know what it is like to experience it. But it all takes one big leap of faith. Trusting God amidst these problems shows how much we love Jesus. When we do so, He will help us look ahead these problems and fix our eyes on Him who is the everlasting rock and foundation of our lives.

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So, I want you all to look ahead and trust God. Share your experiences. Comment, like and follow.
Have a blessed week. GBU.

JL xoxo