Anti-Muslim sentiment is rampant in the Western world, ever since the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and thousands of lives were destroyed by radical young Islamic men on September 11, 2001. These hate-filled madmen have continued to propagate murder and destruction under the banner of Allah. But, they’re not representing your average, God-fearing Muslim, or the Islamic religion.

These brainwashed, blood-thirsty, jealous ideologues hate the West and all that we stand for because we have it better than they do. And they’re willing to die in order to destroy us. As a result, many fear all Muslims now. And when people are afraid, they either strike out or run and hide. However, when many people are afraid, they don’t need to hide because there is safety in numbers and a mob mentality takes over. Mobs act in ways that the individuals, who make up the mob, would never act alone. And, make no mistake, there are mobs of Americans who are anti-Muslim, a sentiment born of fear and anger.

The U.S. isn’t alone in its Islamophobia. Cities in France have banned the wearing of burkinis, which are whole-body swimsuits worn by Muslim women. The reason given by officials is that the burkinis go against their law of secularism, i.e., separation of church and state. Other officials say that the ban is permitted if the wearing of burkinis could cause a disturbance.

Everybody needs to just stop and breathe. First and foremost, those of us who aren’t Muslim need to learn what Islam teaches. Those radical Islamists do not represent most Muslims. Muslim extremists are buoyed by the support of those who feel hopeless and helpless. This is not an excuse for their behavior. They must be stopped by more reasonable thinkers. But more reasonable thinkers also need to do some research before castigating an entire religion.

I came across a blog, Dazzling move,  written by a young European woman who was raised as an atheist and voluntarily moved to Egypt, converted to Islam, and chose to wear a niqab, that is, (according to, “a veil for covering the hair and face except for the eyes that is worn by some Muslim women.” She also covers her entire body with robes.

I started reading about why she chose to wear the niqab and was enthralled by her story. I continued reading her blog and was astounded when she wrote that Muslims believe that Jews, Christians, and Muslims all worship the same God. Here is what she said in her post titled, Moses’s Life: “All religions – judaism, christianity and islam says the Same story, the Same point. Some people says that Islam is another religion but in fact Islam teach us that these 3 religions are from the same God and the same message and leadership for people. Judaism is the oldest one and Islam is the youngest one and it completes the religion of the previous ones.” So at the end ALL IS ONE MESSAGE FROM ONE TRUE GOD TO ALL HUMANKIND SINCE THE EARTH WAS MADE.

This specific post went on to tell the story of Moses’s life and the story came straight from the Quran.

This was an eye-opener. I think we should all invest a little time in browsing the Quran before we paint all Muslims with a broad brush.

The terrorists are not practicing Islam. They’re practicing terror, plain and simple. We need to make a distinction. And we need to take the radical Islamists—not all Muslims— down.

Published by Patsy Porco