I've been writing a lot about mental health recently, and while it is very important to me, I felt I needed  a break to talk about something vintage related because my blog is also about vintage related topics. Mind you, I may still relate mental health in this article, but it's time to talk vintage fashion. 

I read an article recently about a woman who said pin up clothing and fashion helped her feel confidant and have a more comfortable and normal life. As someone with anxiety, both generalized and partially social, I can understand that. If you think you look good, you tend to feel good, no matter if its in private or public. But there is a certain amount of vulnerability in today's society that no matter how you look, what you wear, or what sort of make up you use, you will always be judged for it. So to what extent do you doll yourself up and take a spin around town? 

Go all out. Always. If someone judges you or speaks ill about you, that is a reflection of  them, not you. You thought you looked gorgeous, and the only opinion that matters is your own. 

Now, where would you find vintage styled clothing? Sadly, most people don't see it as "mainstream" or popular, and the pickings are slim. Here are some of my favourite places to shop:

  1. Lindy Bop:  I first found out about Lindy bop while searching for my bridesmaids dresses. While I did not go with them, I feel like I found gold. Their sizes are true to their sizing chart, their prices are very affordable and reasonable, and their quality is beyond amazing. The first dress I ordered from them fit me so well I decided to order another few dresses at their next sale and I still wear them to this day. Their sale prices are outstanding and the variety of styles they have are wonderful. 

    Now, as a little side note for any Canadians thinking of purchasing, know that there is a US site, but if you've ever ordered anything from the states it takes FOREVER to clear customs, and it gets pretty expensive with the exchange rate. Believe it or not, it is actually cheaper AND quicker to order from the UK store. The exchange is about the same, and they have a flat 8 pound (approx. $15) international shipping rate. I've received dresses within a week or less. If you don't believe me, order something yourself. Lindy bop has made quite the impression on me. Here are a few dresses/top I purchased from them. The green dress on the top left is the first one I purchased.: 




    2.Check locally. 

    In Lethbridge, there is a store called Drunken Sailor, and in Calgary there is Blame Betty. I've shopped at both of these stores and adore that something like this exists locally. Customer service is really good with them (Drunken Sailor asks patrons if they wish their picture to be taken and posted on their facebook page. Everyone gets to be a model!). Check and see if there are local stores around you and explore your community! Also check out the vintage map and see if there is anything nearby you!

    3. Dig deep. Any town of at least 10,000 people should have a thrift store of some sort. Salvation army, MCC thrift shop, value village, locally owned. Search around or prepare a road trip and have an adventure! And, check 1 size above and below your normal size. Sometimes, your best finds are in places you didn't think of. 

Most importantly though, find a style that you like. Maybe etsy and amazon have more of what you're looking for. Or you enjoy the adventure of finding a one of a kind dress. Whatever your choice, make sure you enjoy where you're shopping as much as what you're shopping for. 




Published by Margaret Geary-Merkl