So… My first EVER post here on My Trending Stories (Thanks  for having me, Team!). I feel a bit silly, but it really feels like I'm taking off on a bit of an adventure – an adventure I’ve wanted to go on for a while but, at the same time, one I considered passing up on when the opportunity presented itself.

The adventure I’m talking about is not blogging per se – I’ve been doing that for years and years – no, see the adventure, in this case, is the adventure of actually getting my writing “out there”. I’ve always wanted someone to believe in me enough to give me an opportunity like this. But, when it finally happened, all I could think was “What if I can’t do it? What if I’m not good enough? Do they really know what they’re doing? Have they got the wrong person? Have they actually read my blog or are they just taking a wild stab in the dark?" But then I thought: Who cares! An opportunity’s an opportunity, and as I’ve sworn to become more of a "yay-sayer", I would seriously be letting myself down if I said “no”. This will be what I make of it, and if I choose to make it good, it will be.

See, I’ve always been good at telling other people to take a leap of faith and live their dreams while I’ve remained stuck in the same spot, telling myself I’m “comfortable” where I am… Well, NO MORE! Look out world! I’ve "taken off" and I’ll be flying high!… I suppose changes are I could crash, in which case you better still ‘look out’ as I might fall on top of you on my way down…;) 

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