It's been a decade since the first iPhone came on the market. Skeptics proclaimed that the product wouldn't last. Well, it appears that the skeptics were highly mistaken.

Think about the last time you left your home and forgot your phone. I know the few times I have and I feel the missing appendage like it's just been removed and I'm still bleeding. I couldn't possibly afford to make eye contact with mere strangers while I stand in line at the grocery store nor waste away idle time staring into space when I have important posts to send.

Let's face it, this has become our present.

Apple set about creating a product that people wouldn't be able to live without. I'd say they achieved their goal. More people own smartphones today than don't. They have become a way of life. You can do everything on you phone from; playing games, taking photographs, word processing, tweeting, ordering food, oh and don't forget you can also make a phone call. 

This last decade has made huge advancements in technology. Think about where you were just ten years ago and what you were doing. Where will you be a decade from now? How will your life be different and what new product will revolutionize your way of living in just ten short years?

Personally I'd still like to see a bit more of the Jetsons with flying cars and robot maids, but we all have a dream .

Published by Kay Daniels