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Oh man what a read this was. Some people get so touchy on this subject, but damn it was a funny read. Ready for it?...Hitler wakes up in a field in Germany, in 2011, still in his uniform with no recollection of his last moments in the bunker in 1945.

What then follows is Hitler’s discovery of the modern Germany and surprise, surprise he doesn’t like it and starts on his usual rhetoric. However this time instead of flat out blaming the Jews he targets more modern enemies, Hipsters and left wing political parties. Soon people start to take notice but here’s the kicker the people show a level of ignorance almost at a Weekend at Bernie's level, and instead of taking him seriously they think he is a satirical comedian and praise him as such. Soon he has his own TV show and YouTube channel.

Sometimes the topic of Hitler can be taboo, as some people quite naturally are very sensitive to this topic but i find that its the Germans who crack the best Hitler jokes and this book is right up there. So many funny fish out of water moments, like Hitler discovering the joys of Wikipedia and the internet, to him struggling to decide a ring tone for his phone. Wagner or Strauss? a tough call.

What adds realism to this story is the author has done his research  quite thoroughly the names, places and events Hitler talks about are real and factual. Granted that is not much of an effort since he is German. There is even a section in the back of the book that lists all the Nazis Hitler refers to in this book and describes them and when/if the were trialed at Nuremberg.

To be honest there are people who will be offended by this book, in fact the author inserts one of these people into the story. But sometimes people's hate blinds them so much from the truth. The truth is The author isn’t glamorizing Hitler. He isn’t saying he was good or asking us to forget the past.  He is simply putting an historical person in modern day times and letting the madness ensue

Great unique read. In fact i just couldn’t put it down. REVIEWER NOTE - Don't read this book if you don’t have a sense of humour, are a prude, or one of those Nanny State Fascists that cry about everything.

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